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20 Statistics on 2020 Mobile Marketing & Customer Engagement 💰

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

What is going to drive your business’s mobile marketing goals this year? Customer engagement and retention is key, and we have some statistics to help build the perfect plan to conquer your company’s new year resolutions.

#1 A poor customer service experience removes trust in a brand for 78% of customers.

Customer experience is the foundation for success for any business. Creating a lasting relationship between brand and consumer means delivering a memorably enjoyable experience for customers. Customers site timeliness, ease of opening communication, problem-solving efficiency, and overall representative tone as key factors in their opinion. See some common mistakes here.

#2 Experimenting with new techniques and options is necessary for staying competitive in any market according to 67% of marketers.

Innovation is the key discipline for customer engagement and loyalty growth. A company needs to be open to experimentation in marketing tactics, marketing services, and overall outreach in order to stay on a competitive edge.

#3 30% of app users that have stopped engaging with an app would reengage if offered a discount or promotion.

A re-engagement campaign is critical for gaining back lost users. The main component of winning users back is offering an incentive. Incentives include reduced pricing, special product offerings, and even loyalty rewards.

#4 Million dollars in sales is the result when a single point increase occurs in customer experience metrics.

An increase in customer experience means more money. It’s a simple idea that actively put into place creates a complete campaign strategy. Some huge companies can use this as a goal such as Starbucks, Chipotle, Boston Market, and TGI Fridays.

#5 Companies see a 50% higher open rate in notifications than email campaigns.

Marketers used to scoff at the idea of email advertising and then it became the norm. With a mobile-driven society, advertising has turned to a new channel – push notifications. They offer a higher open rate, as well as a higher click rate at 7x what emails see. Read more of the mobile marketing advantage here.

#6 75% of US consumers want to have retailers and brands better understand them and their shopping preferences.

Consumers want brands to understand what they like and what they don’t. Retailers need to know how their consumers like to shop, the promotions they want to use, and the variances of these answers based on demographics and locations. Analytic tools are more important than ever!

#7 Apps produce 3x higher conversions than desktop eCommerce.

The growth of personalization within mobile marketing has released a plethora of new revenue opportunities for brands. Consumers enjoy the convenience and speed in which they can make purchases through an app. Things such as prefilled forms, one-click buying, and even purchasing through in-app messaging as changed the game, and mobile is pulling ahead.

#8 Businesses that implement frequent testing experience growth at twice the rate of businesses who don’t prioritize testing.

Testing is the foundation of growth. What works and what doesn’t? How do you get more customers and keep the ones you have happy? Keep new ideas, campaigns, promotions, and products accountable to keep your brand fresh and on constant upward motion, while not implementing this strategy causes stagnant results.

#9 73% of consumers use cross-channel options to complete a transaction.

The dreaded abandoned cart situation is something that many retailers fear but is not a condition that is hopeless. Most consumers want to make the purchase that they have left behind, and by implementing cross-channel communication retailers can save the sale.

#10 87% of marketers claim a measurable increase from personalization energies.

Personalization is the future of advertising. Progression of the type of advertisements is only the first step of tailoring marketing efforts to fit the consumer. Analyze what your customers want to buy, where they buy it, and how they want to buy it in order to produce a custom experience that gains measurable increases for any brand.

#11 Sending app users a retarget message are 70% more likely to reengage opposed to those who do not receive a retarget message.

Easily persuade inactive customers to become reengaged with simple retarget campaigns. Letting a consumer know they are still important goes a long way to bring them back. Incentives, loyalty rewards, and promotions often pair with retargeting campaigns for further success.

#12 77% of consumers have recommended a brand to others based on a personalized shopping experience.

When a consumer has a shopping experience personalized to how and when they want to shop, it's memorable. That memory transitions into positive word of mouth recommendation and positive online reviews.

#13 Push notifications expand consumer mobile reach by 60%.

Mobile marketing is more than just having a great app. Providing an open source of communication between brand and user using push notifications gives the push consumers need to engage. Showcase important information, deliver new products and sales and create the perfect setting for customer service conversations. Push notifications drive more users to engage.

#14 Retention rates increase 190% when a welcome push notification is sent within the first 90 days of initial app download.

Loss of retention happens more in the first 90 days than at any other time. Having a mobile marketing campaign that features timely welcome messages increases the opportunity for users to engage and prevents early abandonment.

# 15 52% of consumers will switch brands if they feel they do not receive an experience tailored to their needs.

Personalization is a term used throughout mobile marketing campaign strategies because it's one of the most important considerations to build consumer loyalty. Use cross-channel communication methods that offer a personal experience for each consumer. This ensures customers stay with a brand, and don’t go looking for a better experience elsewhere.

#16 23% of omnichannel customers are more inclined to repeat a purchase.

When a buyer interacts with a brand over several platforms or channels, it increases the relationship between brand and consumer. The increases shifts into loyalty. Creating a lifelong customer by utilizing cross-channel campaigns.

#17 Financial service industry sees revenue growth of 15% using personalized messaging services.

Money matters. People want their financial services to know their preferences and how they deal with their money. By creating a personal experience every time they deal with their money, it gives the financial service provider more value with the consumer.

#18 Newspapers see a 50% increase push notification opens when they implement A/B testing.

A newspaper (Chicago Tribune) used A/B testing to discover that less information and more rich media increased push notification opens by 50%. This strategy is effective for every industry and drives growth.

#19 A 1% increase in customer retention saw bottom-line revenue growth up to 7%.

Investing money into a marketing tool, campaign, or service is only as valuable as the job it's doing. Mobile marketing done right shows consistent revenue growth by driving consumer engagement.

#20 77% of app users drop off after the first three days of download.

Hook a consumer from the first impression to create a lifelong relationship. Do you have a welcome campaign in place to keep a new consumer engaged? Enable the best foot forward with time, location, and behavior-based push campaigns. A service like the one BoardActive provides is a great step in the right direction.


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