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Retail & Shopping

Get More Items Added to the Cart

Looking to use in-app messaging to increase consumer engagement, customer loyalty, and overall revenue? We get it. Our mobile engagement platform gives you the power to make every customer experience feel special. 

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Engage Customers Who are Ready to Buy

Meet your shoppers where they are. Be there in the right moment to positively affect their buying behavior. Send messages as shoppers enter stores with sales, new products, and other promotions.

Improve Shopping Experiences with Personalized Touchpoints

Discover the right type of communication for each type of shopper. Schedule push notifications to retarget abandoned carts, promote upcoming product releases, and drive consumer loyalty programs. Mass marketing is old school... welcome to the new age of personalization.

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Use Data-Driven Marketing to Delight Shoppers

Follow the customer journey from the moment shoppers receive your push notification to the point of sale for full-circle attribution. Use first-party data to deliver dynamic campaigns to specific shopper segments. 


See how Retail & Shopping apps benefit from our Mobile Engagement Platform - and how you can do the same. 

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