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What is Direct Response 

Direct Response Marketing and Advertising has very few players. Direct Response is a type of marketing designed to elicit an instant response by encouraging prospects to take a specific action. Direct response 

triggers immediate action from prospectives, since the goal is to generate leads and actions quickly and precisely.



BoardActive Software enables you to drive revenue by connecting with your customers wherever they are through advanced push notifications, in-app messages,  and location-based retargeting. Engage customers with relevant, timely and compelling offers and content.

BoardActive Software provides:

  • Proprietary software that connects brands to consumers through mobile apps; ideal for promotional campaigns, rewards, loyalty, etc;

  • A fully customizable mobile experience for any brand in any vertical;

  • A platform that provides real-time data reports for cross-channel marketing campaigns;

  • A means to craft and deliver promotions that increase sales and drive in-store traffic

  • Detailed app user data to optimize retargeting campaigns based on location habits and in-app behavior;

  • A connection at the POS to validate promotionally-driven customer engagement in real-time

  • Real-time attribution and sales insights for promotional marketing campaigns



  • App user churn 

  • Low-frequency customer visits

  • Limited customer data and visibility

  • Limited ability to personalize customer engagement

  • Limited appeal of with generic promotions

  • Low promotional return on investment

  • Real-time measurement and attribution of promotional sales



  • Advanced Push Notifications

  • Customizable In-App Messages

  • Scheduled Messages

  • Event-Triggered Messages

  • Message Analytics

  • Circular/Polygon Geofencing

  • Foot-traffic & Store Visit Monitoring

  • Location-based Retargeting

  • Bulk Upload Locations

  • Place Analytics

  • Detailed User Profiles

  • In-App Behavior Tracking

  • Audience Segmentation

  • Custom In-App Events

  • Custom User Attributes

  • Mobile API Access

  • White Label License

  • Live Chat Support

  • Personalized Campaign Support



  • Increases sales, store visits, and purchase frequency

  • Increase consumer engagement & loyalty

  • Grow app downloads and monthly active users

  • Improve ROI and increase promotional conversions 

  • Increase awareness of new products, services, and promotions

  • Collect more first-party data and better understand your customers 

  • See full-circle attribution, from the point of impression/interaction to the point of sale

Seeing is believing

See how our Mobile Engagement Platform can upgrade your mobile experience and delight your customers with memorable moments

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