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A customer engagement platform made for marketers



BoardActive Software enables you to drive revenue by connecting with your customers wherever they are through advanced push notifications, in-app messages,  and location-based retargeting. Engage customers with relevant, timely and compelling offers and content.

BoardActive Software provides:

  • Proprietary software that connects brands to consumers through mobile apps; ideal for promotional campaigns, rewards, loyalty, etc;

  • A fully customizable mobile experience for any brand in any vertical;

  • A platform that provides real-time data reports for cross-channel marketing campaigns;

  • A means to craft and deliver promotions that increase sales and drive in-store traffic

  • Detailed app user data to optimize retargeting campaigns based on location habits and in-app behavior;

  • A connection at the POS to validate promotionally-driven customer engagement in real-time

  • Real-time attribution and sales insights for promotional marketing campaigns



  • App user churn 

  • Low-frequency customer visits

  • Limited customer data and visibility

  • Limited ability to personalize customer engagement

  • Limited appeal of with generic promotions

  • Low promotional return on investment

  • Real-time measurement and attribution of promotional sales



  • Advanced Push Notifications

  • Customizable In-App Messages

  • Scheduled Messages

  • Event-Triggered Messages

  • Message Analytics

  • Circular/Polygon Geofencing

  • Foot-traffic & Store Visit Monitoring

  • Location-based Retargeting

  • Bulk Upload Locations

  • Place Analytics

  • Detailed User Profiles

  • In-App Behavior Tracking

  • Audience Segmentation

  • Custom In-App Events

  • Custom User Attributes

  • Mobile API Access

  • White Label License

  • Live Chat Support

  • Personalized Campaign Support



  • Increases sales, store visits, and purchase frequency

  • Increase consumer engagement & loyalty

  • Grow app downloads and monthly active users

  • Improve ROI and increase promotional conversions 

  • Increase awareness of new products, services, and promotions

  • Collect more first-party data and better understand your customers 

  • See full-circle attribution, from the point of impression/interaction to the point of sale

Seeing is believing

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