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Restaurants & QSR

Stay Top-of-Mind When It's Time to Eat

Looking to feed more customers and attract patrons with hot deals, timely promotions, and daily specials? We understand. Our mobile engagement platform gives you the power to be at the top of the list when users consider what to eat. 

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Reach Customers When They're Hungry

Entice customers with deals right as they are searching for food options. Send messages to customers in close proximity to your business, promote new menu items, and remind regulars of upcoming reservations.

Make Personalized Engagement Your Main Dish

Offer coupons, new product suggestions, and loyalty reward promotions based on the preferences your patrons have. Bring relevance to your marketing campaigns to ensure that the right people are being hit with the right information at the right times.

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Build Detailed Consumer Profiles to Serve Up the Right Promotions

Some customers like to eat out on Sunday's and others need that daily boost of caffeine before work. Deliver messages based on what your customers love with access to complete user profiles. Segment users into specific audiences with data on in-app behavior, location habits, and purchase history. 


See how Restaurant & QSR apps benefit from our Mobile Engagement Platform - and how you can do the same. 

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