BoardActive is the new standard in location-based mobile marketing. Engage and retain mobile app users at every point of the customer lifecycle with push notifications, in-app messages, and geofenced retargeting.

Advanced Push Notifications for Mobile App Engagement


Geofence Enabled Push Notifications

Trigger push notifications and monitor location habits with customizable geofences. Quickly upload relevant locations to engage users at the right place and track conversions in real-time.

Mobile App User Segmentation

Segment users and reach targeted audiences based on specific user events: like capturing foodies, avid sports fans, or nightlife enthusiasts.

Schedule Push Notifications

Plan push notifications for later and forget about it. We'll deliver your notifications at the perfect time.

Start Sending Notifications Today

Send your first notification in a matter of seconds - literally. Installing our proprietary software into your app is so simple that a goldfish could do it.

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