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Place-Based Mobile Notification Software

Meet Jennifer

Jennifer is an example of an avid fan and user of your products and services.  She has installed your App to use when she is out and about and stays in constant contact with her mobile phone.

Reach your Customers.
Wherever they Are.

Visualmatic Software enables you to make relevant and welcomed  connections with your customer base.  Send them messages, offers and promotions or just a simple -- Thank You.  All relevant to their consumption patterns regardless of their location. Now, that's place based mobile notifications.

Your Brand. Our Oomph.

With Visualmatic software you can establish geofences of any size, in any chosen location. This allows the delivery and tracking of mobile campaigns that pinpoint exact locations for the broadcast of your messaging and on-going relationship building with your customers.

Your App. Our Software.
No Beacons, WIFI, or Bluetooth required

Our software works by connecting your existing App to three endpoints of our rest API.  Once your app is connected, you can immediately begin reaching your app users with real-time messaging and relevant notifications.

Your App

Our Software

Time. Place. Location. 
Leverage your App Community.

With Visualmatic, your App community of users can pass through an established geofence at a retail store, or event and welcome notifications will pop-up with special offers, promotions, or personalized messages.  All tailored to the recipient's desires and continuing the building of allegiances to your products and brand.


BrandDrop Notifications are sent when the App user enters a geofenced location.  This occurs even when the App is not in use or open, re-enforcing ad campaigns, promotions and content from your Out-of-Home advertising that may have gone unnoticed.

The Roadmap to
Increased Sales

Track consumer behavior and engagement all the way from the initial receipt of the BrandDrop to the redemption of offers at your store's cash register counter.

Let's Track it All.

Measure the performance and effectiveness of your mobile campaigns and consumer touch-points with our analytics dashboard.  Make Visualmatic by BoardActive software a centerpiece in your mobile communications efforts.  It will make both yourself and your customer base jump with joy.

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