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Mobile Apps Pull Out All the Stops to Increase the User Experience

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

Apps are a dime a dozen. For every application you find in the app store, there are countless others providing the same service and/or products. The trick to increasing app rank, installs, and engagement is to provide value beyond the obvious offering.

So, how can you do that?

It is all about the user experience. How easy is it to use your app? Is your app offering something that your website or stores do not? How does a user feel while they are using your app? The details that answer these questions will be the defining moments that keep your app at the front of the pack.

Ease of Use

Nothing changes the first impression of your app more than the UI experience. Is the onboarding experience efficient? Have you kept it as clean and minimal as possible? Be wary of overloading the user with too much information when they open the app for the first time. Instead, implement a funnel that gives the important education early on and delivers the less immediate information steadily using push notifications. This gives users the option to onboard at their own pace. Mighty convenient!

There is also a lot to be said for gaining feedback from users to make your app more efficient. Send survey and poll requests using push to find the areas your app excels and the areas that need improvements. Follow up after purchases to make sure the experience was everything they hoped it would be. Stay ahead of bad service and provide solutions to keep your app simple and easy to use.

Unique Offerings

So many apps that have a high churn rate can blame the lack of interest on lack of providing interesting value. People don’t want just the same functionality as your website. Sure, they want those options, but there has to be some unique incentive that brings the value of your app to the forefront. What does this look like?

  • Reward/Loyalty Programs

  • Customer Gallery

  • Social Functions

  • Gamification

  • Mobile Only Perks

  • Personalized Promotions

  • Two-Way Communication

  • Real-Time Support

Illicit a Feeling

So much about the apps a user gravitates to is due to the feeling that the app emotes. Apps that are easy to use and deliver extended offerings promote a feeling of satisfaction. On the other side, if an app is difficult to navigate and offers nothing unique it is highly likely that the user will become frustrated and may even uninstall the app. Create a lasting experience with users:

  • Develop original incentives

  • Provide exceptional support

  • Show the user that they are more than a transaction

Mobile apps are the most efficient way for a brand to communicate with consumers, and it is harder than ever to elevate your offerings over competitors. Stick with strategies that set your app apart and deliver a memorable user experience. BoardActive offers a platform that supports apps on their journey to creating one of kind mobile offerings. From personalized messages, location-based incentives, and expanding user profiles – there is something for every type of app and consumer.


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