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Installs, Engagement & Retention: Managing Users for Growing Apps

Mobile apps are dominating phone screens, and you would be hard-pressed to find a business that isn’t cashing in on a digital offering. Unless you have the hottest game or new social media trend, app installs and retention rates always have room for improvement. We have taken some of the best strategies for tackling these pressure points for growing apps.

1. Efficient & Effective Onboarding

Setting up users with the easiest flow from download to utilization is a must. The impression an app leaves with its users begins with the first request for permissions and user information.

• Give the fewest number of steps with the highest amount of reward.

• Offer feature education without overwhelming users by selecting the main functionality pieces in the beginning and sending the rest throughout the user lifecycle using push or in-app messages.

2. Utilize the Right Type of Push

An effective push notification is as simple as sending a notification welcoming users or providing useful details to users as they progress through the app. Successful apps use this type of interaction to shape the consumer journey, by being attentive and strategic in how they reach out to users.

For example, providing appropriate QSR promotions based on location and behavior patterns are an effective approach for encouraging app sessions. Interacting with users is also a great way to re-engage users who have fallen out of the conversion funnel. App abandonment after one use drops to 19 percent from 25 percent when you implement this type of “right” push interaction.

3. Support Two-Way Conversations

Consumers want to build relationships with brands, but more specifically they want to feel regarded and appreciated. Opening a line for two-way communication is extremely important in reaching this goal. How do you know what your users want if you don’t receive their feedback?

Push notifications are not just about delivering information or promotions. They foster a mutually beneficial conversation, as well. These types of messages help apps gather feedback, solve customer problems, and improve product functionality over time.

The added benefit of opening these lines of communication with users is being able to hear about problems before negative reviews post in an app store. This allows you to get to the bottom of the problem and build a relationship before it affects future downloads. Showing responsiveness and addressing any questions or concerns will boost your engagement and retention rates, encourage positive reviews, and build long-term brand loyalty.


These are only 3 ways that properly strategizing your app’s marketing and features can help bolster downloads, engagement, and retention. Reach out to the experts at BoardActive to see these strategies in play with your specific app, and to hear the many others we have to personalize for your specific app goals.


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