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The 2 Biggest Mistakes Brands Make: Let’s Solve Them 🧐

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

1. Treating Consumer Relationships like Business Transactions

One of the biggest mistakes made in the relationship between brands and consumers is treating it like a business transaction. Telling a consumer that the only value they hold is the money they spend on your brand is ensuring a lukewarm consumer opinion at best.

So, what can you do?

  • Develop a method of communication that puts consumer preference first.

  • Give options for how and when communication takes place.

  • Personalize the user experience with content, products, and services that fit the way consumers want to use them.

  • Invest the same amount of service into the follow-up after a sale as making that sale happen in the first place.

How BoardActive helps:

Sending push notifications isn’t new, and if we are being honest, they are quite annoying sometimes. Using location-based messaging ensures that the user receives a message at the most relevant time. With the platform, each app user has a profile that updates in real-time users make decisions. Messages opened, promotions used, buying patterns, and locations visited are examples of the data used to personalize marketing campaigns down to the finest detail.

2. Finishing the Consumer Life Cycle at a Sale

Brands throw so much money into getting a consumer to make a sale. Marketing, sales teams, brand image, and more. Data collects pertaining to what consumers need to make a purchase, and how brands can make the transaction happen as quickly and efficiently as possible. Brands tend to focus all this energy on drawing consumers to make a sale, but not on the time after the sale happens. This lowers the influence a brand has over consumers, as consumers learn the behavior of cutting ties after they make the purchase.

So, what can you do?

Dedication to the entire consumer lifecycle is the only thing that will keep a consumer satisfied and coming back for more. Are you sending that follow-up communication to ensure they are satisfied with the sale? Does your app celebrate milestones such as:

  • App Download Anniversary

  • Achieving Events (Opened specific amounts of messages or visit a location a specific amount of times)

  • Updating the Reward Program

  • Birthdays

  • And More!

These events are crucial to giving an app user a personalized experience that keeps them coming back for more - long after the user makes the first purchase.

How BoardActive helps: Not only does BoardActive software supply the resource to keep a flow of communication open with users, but it also supplies the necessary information to make that flow relevant and specific to each user. Within the platform, find all of the details you need to celebrate each user on one easy to understand profile page.

BoardActive powers many forms of content to bring you the best information on mobile marketing, location-based software, brand to consumer messaging, user engagement and more. Check out our blog, podcast, and ebook at to learn more about the advantages of a high performing mobile campaign today!


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