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Business Marketing Starts with Mobile 📲

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

The mobile market is taking brands by storm. With over 77% of adults in the United States using a mobile device to stay connected, businesses have the chance to cash in on substantial viewing opportunities. The biggest brands across industries are taking notice and capitalizing on the consumer’s attachment to mobile conversation.

Marketing trend choices propel forward by example from brands such as apple, Burger King, and Uber. With their successes established using location technology, analytics, and personalized communication – other brands are ready to follow suit.

Thanks to the software innovations tied to apps, smaller businesses can pack the powerful punch of a well-focused marketing campaign without the large developer fees larger companies are paying. Companies like BoardActive offer packages with location-based messaging, measurement, and full ROI scope in one small fee.

Modern technology gives small businesses the ability to hang with the big players and stay up to date on the latest experiences that consumers prefer. Success is within the reach of any brand by utilizing heavy-hitting mobile marketing techniques, and we have broken down four ways to do that successfully.

1. Personalize the Conversation with Your Consumer

Mobile offers an opportunity to engage with consumers on a level that is comfortable, productive, and more importantly – convenient.

Customer engagement is crucial when it comes to millennials. Beyond a simple transaction of information, these consumers want a high-impact experience from brands. Bringing interactive messages, buying options, and entertainment direct to the user’s mobile develops a higher sense of loyalty and anticipation of in-app engagement.

Something as simple as creating a contest to create the name of the next product release, a poll learning consumer opinion, social media conversation, and even a brand-promoting game can change the tides of app retention and overall consumer opinion.

2. Mobile Offerings Give Consumers More Choices

Buying used to be a more involved process. Consider a purchase, travel to a store, browse options, purchase a product. Then came the internet. That process became somewhat simpler – research a product, browse the website, make a purchase. Now, mobile has made this an even simpler process. Apps can now determine the best products to match consumer interests and buying patterns to send personalized selections of products to be purchased directly through notifications. This makes buying even easier for the consumer, and more advantageous for brands.

Adding interactive services to a mobile app is not as complicated as one would think. It used to be an endeavor with many third-party services offering different parts of the mobile experience. A provision that offers push messages, and another that measured analytics. It could be costly and ineffective to regulate for maximum efficiency. Now, services like BoardActive offer all of these services in one simple platform for complete mobile marketing management.

Mobile Offers Open Communication

Push notifications are one of the best tools available for any business to communicate with consumers in real-time.

Here are just a few ways that you can use push notifications to promote your business and increase engagement.

  • Send out promotional material

  • Seek reviews and suggestions

  • Share social media posts

  • Keep customers updated with products

  • Delivery Updates

  • Milestone Recognition

There are no limitations to the excellence that is achieved with creative push notification options. The bottom line is clear, keeping your clients in the loop makes them feel valued. And customers who feel valued become brand loyal customers.

Location. Location. Location. Did we say Location?

Mobile marketing is a dynamic tool, but it becomes powerful with the power of location. Geofencing store locations, hot areas in a city, or public places is a great way to send messages to consumers when they are in an area to use them most effectively. Geofence competitor locations to send messages redirecting them to your closest location with promotions. You can even be a quiet spectator and use geofences to monitor foot traffic in specific areas.

Knowing where your customers go and what they do in specific locations is priceless information when choosing who, how, and when to market to them. An app that determines these points will be a step ahead of the mass marketing chaos. The advantages are many, and it adds spice to the mobile marketing pot that is undeniable.

Steps Ahead

You can find innovative thinking in every aspect of mobile marketing. From location monitoring to rich media messages, creating a new mode of communication is within the reach of any brand and app. Whether it is delivering information, increasing engagement, or locking in sales – mobile is a business’s key to consumer loyalty.

Tell Me How

The steps to mobile marketing success do not have to be difficult or expensive. With a service such as BoardActive, all of these services lockdown in one easy installation. Integrate the software into your app and see the results in real-time.

Walk the journey to mobile success with experts who are available to see you get the most out of your service. Hearing is one thing but seeing is believing. Check out a demo today and learn what Visualmatic™ can do for you!



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