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What is Segmentation and What Does it Offer Businesses?

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Brands have a wide range of people they can market to but narrowing down the choices to sell to a specific type of consumer is what makes a conversion rate rise. Segmentation plays a huge role in that break down, by dividing consumers into profiles based on demographics, buying history, and geopatterns.

Demographics – One of the segment attributes that has the most variables is demographics. These variables include things such as:

  • Age

  • Gender

  • Name

  • Occupation

  • Income Level

  • Family Size

  • And More

Utilizing these details to narrow your targeted audience margin is the defining feature for a precise marketing delivery.

Buying History – Every purchase decision that a consumer makes builds an identify of who they are as a customer. The history of a consumer consists of items such as:

  • What brands they purchase

  • What products they use

  • How much they spend on specific items

  • Times of day they shop

This type of information gives brands an idea of what a consumer wants, how they want it, and when they will buy it.

Geopatterns – Every consumer leaves a series of location data through their use of mobile phones. The data gives marketers an idea of:

  • Where consumers shop

  • How often they visit brick and mortar locations

  • Which brands they prefer

  • And more!

What Segmentation Means for Business Utilizing Visualmatic™

Visualmatic™ is a push notification delivery that engages brands with their users through location, personalization, and segmentation. Brands create geofenced areas around their stores and signs, then construct personalized rich-media messages that are sent to app users when they enter those genfenced areas.

Audiences is the newest feature of Visualmatic™ that gives brands the ability to choose which users they want to deliver their specific campaigns to. Choose attributes that fit your area, user, product, and goals. The Audience feature utilizes the evolving collection of data the user gives the app, Visualmatic™ monitors through its message delivery ROI, and through geographical data collected through the app.

By customizing not just the messages, but also the user’s targeted, a brand can build its ideal customer profiles seeing what works and what doesn’t. What users buy? What areas see the most traffic after impressions are sent? How do demographics affect the buying patterns of your users? These are all questions answered using segmentation, and more specifically the Audience feature of Visualmatic™.

Stay tuned for more on Audiences itself in our next blog!


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