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What is Geofencing? The Answers to Location-Based Messaging

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Geofencing is a term most have heard, but few understand in a larger scope. The term specifies a geographical location that is fenced with a virtual boundary. This can be as large as a specific city block or as small as a storefront sign. The fences are usually round in shape to give a complete radius around a designated location.

There are several types of virtual perimeters including:

· Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) – Accurate and efficient

· Global Positioning System (GPS) – Accurate but drains device battery

· Beacons – Requires hardware and is less accurate

· Wi-fi Aggregation – Gathers data from mobile devices connecting to wifi signals in an area

The fences enable businesses to send text messages, emails, or app notifications when their app users enter a specific area. The contact is more effective than random message delivery, and gives businesses a better idea of the when, where, why’s of their consumers.

WHEN Geofencing delivers information the moment users are in a specified area. This shows businesses the time that users frequent their locations, giving a more defined marketing period to base campaigns upon. When apps use the Visualmatic™ software, the “when” also showcases when users visit businesses after receiving a triggered message to give a real-time ROI.

WHERE Focus on the areas that you want to engage your users and also the locations that you require foot traffic measurement. This ranges from your brick and mortar location to roadside signs, and everything in between. Constructing your geofence delivers real-time information about any area that you dictate.

WHY- This is a huge aspect of geofencing education. Why is this important? Why do I need it? It is simple. It gives a more precise delivery of information on marketing, consumer profile, and ROI.

How Visualmatic™ uses geofencing: Visualmatic™ is a location-based engagement tool that gives apps the ability to personalize their advertising campaigns, while pinpointing the measurements of their consumer's profiles. It gives a business the ability to deliver messages to their app users when they are in an area that is relevant. It increases the opportunity for conversion and sales. Beyond the delivery of messages, there is the measurement aspect. With geofencing location data, businesses can see who receives their messages, and if those marketing campaigns are producing results. Follow users from message impression to POS for a full view of ROI.

Geofencing is a tool that aids both businesses and users. Everyone wants a more personalized mobile experience. No one wants irrelevant spam advertising, and geofencing is one of the tools that allows Visualmatic™ to provide just that.


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