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What is a Push-Notification?

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Everyone who has a phone knows what a push-notification is to an extent. Usually it is described as the pop-up ads that appear on your phone. What are they really though? What do they mean for brands? How do they help consumers, and how can brands maximize on that solution? These questions are what this article is all about.

A Detailed Definition of Push-Notification

A push notification is a message using push technology sent from an app owner to a smartphone device. Push technology is an internet-based communication in which the publisher requests for a communication to be transmitted to the user/receiver as opposed to pull communication that circulates the other way around.

What Do Push-Notifications Bring to Brand’s Marketing Campaigns?

Engagement is everything in retaining app users and keeping them open to your promotional material. Most people don’t open brand apps often, unless they think to open them while needing their products/services. Push-notifications give brands to the ability to open communication with users on their own terms instead of the consumers. This is huge if utilized properly.

How Do They Help Consumers & Brands?

With the ability to deliver messages to consumers anytime, brands can give the information that users need but don’t realize to look for. Relay through these messages:

· Promotional Material

· Coupons

· Contact Details

· Directions

· And More!

A more informed consumer is a more apt to buy consumer. The details that push-notifications send can be the deciding factor between a sale or a missed opportunity.

How We Expand the Push-Notification Concept

BoardActive has developed software that makes push notifications more relevant than ever. Visualmatic™ allows brands to personalize the messages with rich-media such as:

· High-Resolution Images

· Videos

· QR Codes

· Coupons

· Directions

· Purchasing Options

· And More!

These messages are delivered to only the most relevant app users by using geofencing technology. Make perimeters around a brick and mortar location, billboard, or sign, and have your messages sent only when the app user enters the chosen area. This location-based messaging ensures that consumers are not being sent good information at the wrong time.

The Audience feature allows brands to segment their users into groups based on specific attributes for the most personalized messaging possible. If a brand is sending out a message referencing a specific product geared to women in their 20’s, Visualmatic™ gives the brand the ability to send the message to only the app users that fit that mold. These attributes are not limited to something as basic as age or gender. Market based on spending habits, locations visited, name, conversion rates, and more.

Push notifications are a huge part of mobile marketing and are the starting point for a more personalized app engagement system between brand and consumer. Educating your brand on their potential is imperative. Learn more to grow more.


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