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What If Your Phone Could Reinvent Your Consumer Experience?

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

The average person picks up their phone once every 12 minutes, or an average of 80 times a day according to the NY Post. Whether it is checking in with friends, looking up the local restaurants in your area, or playing a game – your phone is the main interface for every aspect of your life. What if this experience could be enhanced? More personalized without the loss of your time? As consumers, these are all things that we strive for. BoardActive recognizes this need and has developed an innovative software product to revolutionize the way we view our phones.

Personalized Reliability

Everyone has received annoying push notifications that are about something you will never do, read, or buy. They are removed from our screens the moment we see them without another thought; however, what if your notifications were for something relevant to your situation at that very moment? That changes things.

The Visualmatic™software creates personalized communication between the brands and consumers using geofencing location data. The software is worked into the app itself, so only the thing you need to do is download your favorite brand apps. Once the app is on your phone, when you enter a geofenced location, you receive a push notification from the brand in that area. This allows you to get promotional material from the brands you already love when you are in a position to use them. This saves you time, money, and the headache of getting home and realizing you forgot to google coupon codes for the store you just left.

The Run Down

Imagine that you have a busy day of shopping ahead of you. There are multiple things that you need from multiple places, and your goal is to stay within budget and be done before a specific time. As you enter a shopping plaza to go to the grocery store, you check your phone for coupons and see you a notification that shows the shoe store next door is having a 25% off sale. You didn’t know that store had a location there, and now don’t have to go across town for an item on your list You get a great deal and head out to grab some lunch. You begin to google local places to eat, and a ping shares your notification for a lunch special at a restaurant nearby with great reviews. Once there, another ping gives you information that the sporting goods store next door is having a BOGO deal that hits some items on your list. The

Visualmatic™ software has supplied the location and discounts that you want to save time and money running your errands, and all you had to do is start your day. The time you thought you would spend on searching your phone for a great deal is spent on the actions themselves, getting you home way before your estimated end time. You know can take that nap you thought you wouldn’t catch.

With a personalized messaging experience, your view of your mobile device goes from an annoying, but a necessary lengthy task to a simple and efficient tool. All the work you put in is now done for you with the Visualmatic™ software. As an international patent-pending product, Visualmatic™ fills a need that has been left open in the brand to consumer relationship. BoardActive supplies an innovative option that will enhance the experience of the consumer and evolve the abilities of the brand’s marketing power. Visualmatic™ is the future of mobile marketing communication.


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