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Three Brands that Utilize Push Notifications & How They Can Benefit from Visualmatic™

Updated: Apr 20, 2020


Jetblue utilizes push notifications to remind their passengers to check in. The reminder is sent out 24 hours prior to flight time and has an additional option to receive push notifications with in-flight statuses. This is practical content that delivers information passengers need but can be improved upon with our rich media options.

How we help: Offer up additional options within your messages to give passengers choices to add luggage to their flight, purchase in-flight food and beverages, or even a map to find the correct gate within their given airport. Visualmatic™ builds consumer profiles based on app user engagement, so frequent fliers would be able to have their desired preferences already available when they receive their push message. People appreciate the reminders to make their travel experience as effortless as possible, so expanding on that offering is a natural progression for Jetblue.

The Bump

The Bump sends push notifications to their app users to let them know the size of their baby based on their current due date. The notification also contains information about what changes are occurring in the baby at this point. A great service for new parents but missing out on a vital opportunity to further engage their users.

How we help: By utilizing the information the app receives from their users, Visualmatic™ can give The Bump an added edge on personalization. Use the Audience feature to send push notifications to users within specific areas with coupons, directions and schedules for parenting classes, lactation consultant information and more. By offering resources that are relevant to new parent’s area and interests, The Bump can get better app engagement and retention.


Ticketmaster is a huge event resource for consumers. They offer push notifications with upcoming events to their app users. Using segmentation, they are even able to deliver the best choices based on the user’s interests. This is already a great use of their advertising ability, but there is one thing this brand is missing in order to be as efficient as possible – interaction.

How we help: Visualmatic™ is the next step in evolving Ticketmaster’s push capabilities. Expanding on the concept they already have in place – customize the push experience for app user’s even further by delivering interactive options. The messages that are sent out with relevant events to the user can link them to the app for purchasing tickets and choosing seats. Visualmatic can give those options through the push itself which is can make all the difference when tickets for well-known acts can sell out in minutes. It can also be used to mark the event on their calendar, or even saving the address of the venue in their maps. These options give users more efficiency in their ticket purchasing that Ticketmaster needs to capitalize on.

These are only a few brands that use push notifications, but it paints a pretty big picture. Push notifications are a mobile marketing tool that many utilize, but rarely to its full potential.

Visualmatic™ is the bridge brands need to get the most out of their mobile engagement with users.


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