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The Problems Companies Face Retaining Consumer Loyalty: Our Solution

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

The goal of any business is to grow and thrive within ever-changing consumer conditions. Consumers want more and more from the brands they use, and companies strive to keep up in a time of declining consumer constancy. Marketing is the foundation to retention, and what drives engagement between brand and buyer. There are several issues that companies face trying to increase user loyalty, and they all center around a marketing campaign that is lacking a few fundamental pieces:

· Maintaining up-to-date information

· Planning ahead

· Irrelevant communication methods

· Fragmented ICP (Ideal Customer Profile)

A Brief Rundown on Visualmatic™

Visualmatic™ is a system of programmatic advertising that allows messages to be sent directly to targeted audiences when they enter areas that you choose using geofencing.

Ex: A shoe brand creates a message sharing new women’s shoes on sale. They include a rich media QR code, and directions to the nearest brick and mortar location. They choose an audience of women under 50 that have made a shoe purchase in the last 30 days. The brand chooses to geofence their billboard off a nearby highway, and their store location that is at the next exit. Whenever an app user fitting their chosen traits comes near the billboard, they receive the notification that the brand created.

Current Information Relation

Consistent market research is a key point in the delivery of relevant campaigns. With the ability to create consumer profiles of app users, a brand can deliver the most up-to-date campaigns for their specific buying habits. Having this level of relevancy is a personalizing feature that many current brands are lacking, and consumers notice. If an app is consistently sending out promotional material that doesn’t fit the interests of the user, the consumer will stop using the app or uninstall it all together. On the flip side, when users consistently receive promotional material for things, they enjoy they will engage more readily with the app to continue receiving these messages.

Piecing Together an Appropriately Planned Campaign

Another core piece of user retention is planning a marketing campaigns around current trends, valued product, and applicable consumers. The ability to monitor what type of advertising material works for a brand is imperative in this goal. With the right measurement information, a brand can schedule promotions to go out to specific users in precise locations with exclusive information. Planning ahead can be the fine detail that propels your marketing forward.

Fragmented Ideal Consumer Profiles Create Broken Campaigns

Every brand needs to know exactly who they are selling to. Who will use the product or service? How does it solve their problems, and what role does it fill in? These questions are the key components to building a comprehensive ideal consumer profile. The integration of software on an app can monitor users who engage and measure what the details gathered mean. Some of the information that can be gathered to pinpoint your ICP includes:

· Areas that have high app user traffic

· Age ranges that engage more often

· Time of day that users engage most often

· Types of purchases made

· Buying habits based on promotions received

· How often a message sent results in a purchase

· And more!

These are only a few details that give brands an idea of who to target to in order to get the best results possible. With the right ICP in place, a marketing campaign has less waste of resources, and a great ROI.

Ex: A shoe brand wants to get more traffic at a store location downtown between noon and four pm. They send out promotional material to all app users and end up with only a low success rate. After the integration of software like Visualmatic™, the measuring tool showcases the specific users who frequent the right area between noon and four pm. It elaborates on the consumers profiles with their details such as the age range, gender, and rate of conversion from impression to point of sale. The same message sent out to those users only sustains a much higher success rate and a targeted audience for similar future campaigns.

We have only hit on a few of the things that are dragging down the retention rates of brand apps. Though these issues are common, thankfully the solution is within fingers reach. With the right software integration, ALL of these problems are solved in one full sweep. No need to reach out to multiple sources for every specific concern.

Visualmatic™ is a personalized location-based message delivery system that measures app user information for the ultimate marketing solution. Reach out to learn more today.


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