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The Increase in App Abandonment: How Messages Can Save Your Brand

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Everyone you know has a phone. Each phone is filled with apps. True story that is not hard to conclude on any level. However, an untold truth is the mobile engagement crisis on the rise. Though consumers are constantly filling their phones with apps, 23% of them abandon these apps after the first use (Localytics). With 38% of consumers utilizing an app for more than 11 uses, that leaves a whopping 62% that use it for less. This is far from a sustainable business model when brands depend on these apps to communicate to their audiences.

There is Hope

There has been a steady feature that increases consumer loyalty and retention, and that is communication. Consumers want to hear from the brands. They want the latest information, promotions, and events. No one wants to be out of the loop. Providing in-app messaging only gets you so far, as it is based on the consumer’s choice to open the app in the first place. This is where our Visualmatic™ software comes into play. Push notifications engage the user even when they aren’t actively looking at your app. The geofencing data gives the added edge of delivering the push when they are in an area to actually use it. By streamlining the communication process, consumers get the most out of their apps while brands get the retention they need.

What Type of Messaging Works?

Visualmatic™ opens the doors for contact between companies and their customers, but it’s up to the brands to deliver high impact messages. We have some tips that can turn your standard communication into a successful impression. Consumers want things that make their lives easier. Whether it is saving money, gaining information about a relevant topic, or increasing their event calendar. Some of the most impressive contact points include:

· Promotions and Events (When, Where, How Much, and Why)

· Coupons and Sales (Save them $$ as incentive to buy)

· Product/Service Information (What’s new this season and where can they get it?)

· Social Media Details (Everyone wants to grow their social networks)

These are only a few options that can guarantee consumer interaction with both app and brand. Visualmatic™ goes a step further offering rich media options for QR codes, GIFS, and more. The limit of your messaging ability is as far-reaching as your imagination.

Delivering Success with Ease

Visualmatic™ offers a reliable hand to help increase your customer profiling, communicate with consumers, and retain customer loyalty as well as app engagement. The integration of the software is quick, and the platform is simple to use. In a world of mobile driven marketing and consumerism, don’t be left behind! Contact us today for a free trial.


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