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The 4 What If’s of Mobile Marketing ☞

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

1. What if a brand wanted to reach users at specific places or during specific events?

Visualmatic™ has the latest location-based technology to reach consumers in exactly the right places at the right time. Geofence festivals, events, store locations, and more to trigger messages when it matters most. Direct consumers to specific locations, offer promotions and monitor the patterns of app users.

Ex. An energy drink wants to target users at a local concert event. They geofence the entire venue and outer-lying area, so hit consumers with a BOGO offer on energy drinks and directions to the vendor within the event itself when they enter the geofenced area.

2. What if a brand could determine which consumers convert most often?

Follow app users from the moment they receive a push notification through to the final moment they make a purchase. How long does it take to act on the impression? Do they go straight to a store location? Are they using the promotion that you sent to make their purchase? All of these questions have answers in the Visualmatic™ platform. Using location-based monitoring and user profiles, brands can follow the full path of their user’s lifecycle.

Ex. A popular shoe brand sends out a message to app users in several areas with 50% off the new product line. Using BoardActive’s software, the brand can determine real-time measurements of the type and locations that users are actually using the promotion. At the end of the campaign, they determine two locations that are “hotspots” and that the product was more receptive to a woman under 30 who also shops at a popular coffee franchise.

3. What if you could redirect consumers from a competitor’s location to your nearest store location?

Set a geofence around a competitor, and it will trigger a message when an app user enters the area. The message should include a promotion to reengage the consumer with your brand and products with an incentive to make the switch. Take advantage of on-demand communication!

Ex. Your brand offers hardware products, and you notice you are losing business to a competing hardware store. Using Visualmatic™, geofence the competitor and send messages redirecting consumers to your location when a consumer enters the geofenced area. By offering promotions, showcasing a better assortment of product choices, or broadcasting a new line – your triggered messages can bring those consumers back!

4. What if you could monitor the foot-traffic in locations that mattered to your brand?

Knowing the number of consumers that enter specific areas and what time they frequent these spots is integral to a mobile marketing campaign. It shows the hot spots to market and the areas that are not likely to bring in great results. With the ability to monitor foot traffic in any area of any size, your brand can determine when users enter and leave specific areas. This information is valuable in determining the time and locations to use for triggering your mobile marketing messages and building fuller consumer profiles for segmentation.

Ex. A restaurant wants to see where most of their clientele comes from and who to target in upcoming campaigns. They geofence their store location, a nearby park, the local shopping centers, and nearby movie theater. When app users enter those areas, it shows real-time updates on what time they enter, how long they stay, and where they head after. With this insight, the restaurant was able to determine that the majority of their day-time business comes from the local shopping centers, while their night-time business tends to come from the movie theater. This knowledge gives them a step up in marketing in the right places at the right times.

The “what if’s” of mobile marketing are plentiful. These four only touch the tip of what is possible using the Visualmatic™ process. Utilize all the data your brand needs for enhanced consumer communication, real-time analytics, and high-performance conversions. Find out how with a demo today!



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