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Single Source Mobile Marketing Solution for App’s Three Largest Problems

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

The goal of any mobile marketing campaign regardless of industry is user engagement, sales, and customer loyalty. Two basic finish lines that have thousands of different routes to start from. There is an answer to what works. We know how an app overcomes common mobile marketing challenges to get a successful outcome. Visualmatic™. One word, three solutions.

1. Engagement between brands and people.

Consumers want to invest their efforts into brand offerings that give them the most of what they want. So, what do people want? Instant gratification. Communicate with consumers about what a brand offers in the simplest way possible and give them the quickest way to retrieve that offering.

Visualmatic™ is the process of bringing a visual down to mobile through brand apps. Dynamic creatives, interactive messages, and high-impact branding statements delivered to the consumer's mobile device when they enter relevant locations. The process allows apps to send messages directly to the consumer when they are in areas that are most relevant to the app’s offerings. This information can include interactive choices for purchasing, directions, contact, and more. With the choice to engage back with the app, new lines of communication open. When people engage back with brands, conversions happen.

2. Retain app users and increase downloads.

Retention is a term that means different things to different apps. Sometimes it is an app user returning to an app within 30 days of download, or it can be an app user opening the app at least 1x a month. Regardless, the “stickiness” of an app is essential to its success. Recently, Localytics found that in 2018, the average app retention rate was 20% after 90 days across all industries. So, 80% of app users lose grip on the apps they download after this time.

Demonstrating the benefit of an app is the largest source of incentive for an app user to retain loyalty to a specific mobile app. Best way to demonstrate that advantage? Visualmatic™. Give the consumers what they want from an app, when they want it. Offer the best prices on a product, show them. Supply the best news updates in a specific field, share that. Use innovative geofencing technology to deliver high-impact messages to the consumers that will benefit from it most.

3. Measuring mobile marketing ROI.

One of the largest issues with current mobile marketing trends is the inability to measure impression to point of sale. Knowing that an in-app notification is received, opened, and used is integral. Is the message goal to bring consumers to store locations? Maybe to increase app usage or direct traffic to a website? This type of ROI is necessary for complete marketing transparency. Know what promotions work and what doesn’t. How does mobile marketing affect sales, consumer buying habits, and app use?

The app enhancing power of Visualmatic™ provides measurement on an incredible level. Monitor foot traffic to store locations, and the number of messages received and opened by a user. The release of audiences takes that measurement a step further by provided details app user activity. See when users engage, how they engage, and evolve the consumer profiles used in the filtering of message delivery.

The need for multiple marketing services is over. Spreading a campaign thin over multiple facets creates cracks that potential conversions can slip through. Three of the largest issues that apps face today answered in one single solution removes the risks associated with a fragmented marketing campaign. The answer to the question app’s didn’t know to even ask - how can I find one app enhancing software that does it all? Visualmatic™.


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