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Rich Media Messages Deliver Powerful Talking Points for Your Consumers

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Every day consumers are overloaded with marketing material in every facet. Billboards, signs, commercials, print ads, window displays, popups, and the list can go on and on. The defining feature that sets a brand apart is the media within the message.

Text is outdated and underwhelming with only the diehard fans taking the time to read everything a brand puts out. Images can be attention-grabbing, but they are often not memorable enough to make the long-lasting impression brands strive for. Today, the best marketing media is video, GIF, and even interactive messaging. BoardActive gets it and has your solution!

Creating a Lasting Impression

Visualmatic™ software is all about engaging your app users with messages that deliver in relevant locations to increase the conversions of your marketing campaigns. The communication that you put out needs to include the high impact visuals that draw the consumer in and provide the promotional material that brings them in your doors. Our software is super easy to use and allows for that rich media delivery that your consumers want and your brand needs.

Measure & Monitor Impressions

After the initial impression is made with the consumer, Visualmatic™ monitors what users receive, where they are when they receive it, and if they use it after they have it. This type of analytic data will increase your ROI as you manage the specific audiences that you are targeting. The more personalization you implement with your marketing campaigns, the more powerful your messages becomes!


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