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Real Estate: Unlimited Potential for Success with Mobile Marketing

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

The real estate marketing is booming, and more than ever real estate companies need to reach people efficiently and effectively. Visualmatic™ is the perfect pairing of marketing and engagement. From sales to education, this industry sees success with this software.

How it works: After working with our team to integrate our software into your app, you set up specific geolocations around the areas you want to trigger messages when your users enter them. These locations can be as small as 10 meters and as large 2,000 meters. Once you have these in place, you can construct a message to send out to your app users. The message can feature rich media such as images, videos, and even links to your site or directions to a house. This message is sent out to the users who enter the geofence area.

How it benefits real estate: There is no limit to the potential for Visualmatic™ in the real estate market. Here are a few:

· Sales – Send real-time information to house hunters as they pass houses that are available. Filter your audience to match the exact target your specific homes are looking for and track the ROI on sending these messages.

· Events – Notify your app users when there is an open house in the area, or if a house is newly on the market. Celebrate your achievements with messages relaying when a house closed, and you can even deliver information to interested buyers when a house price fluctuates.

· App Retention – Communicating with your app users is a proven way to solidify their regard of your app. Whereas, most people only use most apps one time after download; keeping an open line of communication that is relevant to the user increases the engagement with your app.

· Analytics – The Visualmatic™ Measurement and Audiences feature measures the data your users give you to bring you real-time analytics on what areas bring the most traffic, what campaigns work with your consumers, and many other amazing features to elevate your marketing and sales campaigns.

With a steady increase in the real estate industry, it’s imperative your communication and marketing efforts reflect the innovation and ease that users want. Visualmatic™ is the optimal pairing for any real estate setting. Reach out to our team and learn more today!


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