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Push Notifications for Healthcare Apps: Security & Convenience

Updated: May 20, 2020

Apps make a powerful play for consumer attention as the world keeps its physical distance during this unprecedented time. Using mobile applications, people have more interaction with the medical and health fields than ever before.

So, what are some mobile health services you can expect to now see? Let’s break it down for you with the three most popular pushes.

Receive Results in Real-Time

Many doctor offices, labs, and hospitals are turning to mobile apps to deliver test results to patients. Bloodwork, swab tests, X-rays, MRI’s, and C-T scans are tests that many have done but usually take some time to get back. Instead of sitting in the office or hospital for hours waiting, these app services make it possible to wait from the comfort of home.

Health apps are taking advantage of advanced push notifications to send these lab results directly to patients as soon as they are available.

Well, what about privacy? How do you know if protection is provided for those results? Health and medical apps require following HIPAA guidelines, as well as GDPR compliance procedures. This is where innovation comes in. On the backend, secure servers and restricted data access keep medical information safe, and biometric requirements on the front end do the same.

Want to receive your recent bloodwork and strep culture results? Scan your fingerprint to access this sensitive information. Just one of many creative options used to deliver the results you want in real-time without worrying about someone seeing it that isn’t supposed to.

Motivate Movement

Alerting a user whenever they have something scheduled is a basic use for push notifications, but it definitely works. With such a wide selection of health and fitness-related apps, there is ample room to get creative with your notifications. There are the basic “The day is almost over, get your workout shoes on and let’s get jogging!” reminders, and then there are those that get more involved. “You have 3500 steps in today and you are 6500 from your goal. Let’s get moving!”

Location technology is more granular than ever before and knowing when a health app user is in a place to utilize your services or better yet, has not put themselves in a place to use the services – a notification often serves as the push users need to get moving.

Healthcare Reminders

Anyone who has to take daily medication knows the struggle of remembering to take it, especially when you take it at a specific time each day. There are tons of great apps providing a service of medication reminders. In addition, reminders can be set for upcoming appointments, annual exams, and when to reach out for a medication refill. These reminders play a huge role in keeping users healthy.

A reminder consists of a push notification with the time, reminder topic, dosage, or time of appointment. With rich-media options, interactive buttons to check-in without a wait are also on-trend.

BoardActive supplies advanced push notifications that fit the bill for what users want and expect. From the protection of medical information to attribution of engagement and services used – there is a software that does it all. All it takes is a phone call and a quick SDK integration. Check it out today!


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