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Point and Click: Mobile Engagement for the Modern Consumer

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Time-Value is a consistent point that needs to be addressed in every facet of the marketing industry. The most important aspect of time-value is the time between the moment a consumer views a piece of marketing material, and the moment a sale is made. The more that time increases after this initial impression, the more a chance of sale decreases. So what if there was an opportunity for consumers to make a purchase immediately after seeing an advertisement?

Imagine This Scenario

Patrick is walking to his car after a lunch out and notices a billboard with a promotion for an upcoming concert. It’s one of his favorite bands, and he sees the BoardActive logo letting him know this is an interactive billboard. He snaps a quick photo of the billboard which brings up information about where the concert is being held, what day, time, and most importantly a button to buy tickets now. He puts in a purchase for 2 tickets, and has his phone back in his pocket before he makes it to his car.

This situation is a marketer’s dream. Not only was a sale made, but the consumer was able to successfully complete a purchase without having to take time out of his day. It’s a win-win scenario that both brand and consumer alike can get behind.

Consistent Brand Enhancement

A brand can have a fantastic marketing campaign that pulls out all the stops, but it’s only as successful as the consumer public says it is. With the majority of successful advertisements being digital, brands need an edge for their static marketing pieces. BoardActive prides itself on its cutting-edge innovation, and the Point and Click initiative is a huge step in the right direction. With the increase in consumer engagement on mobile devices, its imperative to keep with the times in all your advertising options. More than just your visuals, we offer reliable location-based communication to your targeted consumers through your app and geofenced locations. This communication can be personalized to your relevant consumers and shows the amount of business your impressions bring in. Build consumer profiles to see the who, what, when, and where of your engagement.

Times are changing and brands are striving to keep up. Work with BoardActive and our state-of-the-art software to create an empowered marketing experience for your customers. From billboards to mobile communication, we are the stepping stone to your advertising success.


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