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Media: Full Impact Push Notifications with High Impact Visuals

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Almost every brand that has an app wants to communicate with their users as often as possible. Push notifications give app owners the ability to speak directly with their users without waiting for the user to open the app. These types of notifications have evolved from basic text to more developed forms of media, as users require more to stay engaged. There are many types of media that are utilized in these messages, and we will cover some of the options available.


Images: This is a given as far as a media type that would be used. Whether it’s a graphic designed to promote a service, product, or event or a photo of a place, person, or advertisement – pictures tell a story. Always remember to use images that fit with the overall theme of your brand and in a high-resolution display. No one wants to see a blurry image.

GIF: The moving picture has been one of the most engaging forms of media since the moving horse was developed in 1885 and has taken over the entertainment industry for a reason. This same attachment can be correlated to GIF images in push notifications. People want to see a full picture of an idea or thought. A GIF can give that and more!

Video: The same appeal that a GIF has is expanded upon with a video. A video develops a solid story with a user and gives added foundation to the strength of the marketing campaign. It is the easiest way to directly connect to a user, and one of the best forms of visual media available for advertising purposes.

Infographics: This is a visual media source that is not always the first thought in a marketing campaign but delivers a powerful message to the public. People want to be as knowledgeable as possible about the brands they use. Relaying vital information in a graph, chart, or graphic can bring the clarity an app user needs to make purchasing decisions.

Visual media has the ability to turn tides in a marketing campaign, specifically with the advantages associated with push notifications. Not delivering clear, visual information is a real problem in the marketing industry. Visualmatic™ is a great solution. With the ability to send high impact visuals directly to app users in relevant geolocating location, Visualmatic™ offers direct measurable communication between brands and people with an emphasis on personalization.


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