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Location-Based Push Notifications Pull the Best Out of Our Shopping Experience

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

BoardActive is pushing the edges of innovation by offering a patented service that sends the sales and promotions straight to your phone with push notifications personalized to your specific interests and location.

What Makes This Different?

Push notifications are not a new thing. We have all had them show us information about places we will never go or things we will never buy. What makes Visualmatic™ different is its personalized experience for its users. The information sent to our phone is only for the brands that we already know and love, and only when we are ready to use them.

Personalized Success

Pew Research Center says that in 2018, 77% percent of Americans were using a smartphone with app capabilities. That is a lot of people who have the ability to be an educated consumer. Unfortunately, most mobile users will download an app and never remember to use it when the time comes. This is you and me, and most people you know. It leads to spending more money, missing out on products we enjoy, and a loss for the brands we want to support. Nothing good happening there!

A scenario like that shows us that consumers need more control over the information received, and the brands that send it. This is what makes Visualmatic™ such a great software. The software is on our favorite brand apps and only applies to those of us who have the app downloaded. This prevents information from brands we don’t want to do business with. We also don’t want to receive these great promotions when we are getting ready for bed or in the middle of the workday. The BoardActive team recognizes this and uses geofencing to ensure we receive the information when we are in a relevant environment.

Sounds amazing, but having trouble wrapping your head around how it works? Here is an example.

Rebecca walks into the mall and knows she wants some new clothes for summer, but she is on a budget. She loves a high-end boutique in the mall but plans to head in the direction of a less expensive department store. As she sees her favorite boutique ahead, she notices the great items in the window display and hears a ping on her phone. This ping is our Visualmatic™ notification activating once she entered the geofenced location. It shows her that the boutique is offering a 25% off promotion for that day only, and she heads in. By the time Rebecca is back in her car and heading home, she is thrilled with her unexpected success with her preferred brand, and the boutique made a sale out of a potential missed opportunity. A win-win!

The Next Step

Moving forward, Visualmatic™ is changing the way consumers view the mall experience. The chaos of searching high and low to find nothing or missing out on something great are behind us. As more and more brands see the exponential benefits associated with the software, our mobile devices become tools boosting our engagement with our favorite brands, and only when they benefit us most.


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