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Location-Based Push Notifications Improve Retention 🌍

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

From travel groups to e-commerce, retail stores to restaurants, knowing how to turn a consumer into a customer is no small task. Many businesses try their hand at personalization. This often shows up in buying history or demographic segmentation, but there is an under-utilized choice that brings in higher conversion rates – location. Showcasing promotions, products, and event information about specific geolocations to relevant consumers results in higher consumer loyalty and nearly double the conversion rate.

Many businesses that implement push notifications find that they are successful to a point but also produce negative results with some users. Frequent push notifications that are for an area or store that the user doesn’t have in their area is annoying. Frequent practice can even result in an uninstall. Prevention? Taking note of the location that pertains to each user before sending push notifications.

What are Geofence Enabled Push Notifications?

Geofence enabled push notifications include messages that are sent based on a user’s present location. When they enter a geofence created by a brand, the message is triggered to reach the user at the most relevant moment.

Global Notifications

Global push notifications are nothing new to the digital landscape. They are very successful, with a 40% click-through rate. Global push is most often used to promote specific events.

Use digital offerings to send a flash sale such as 50% off on all products this morning only or a specific online-only event for discounts on Valentine’s Day. Not only does this produce high results, but it closes the gap between consumers and loyal customers.


Geofencing is a virtual perimeter placed around a building or location. They constantly prove their efficiency, with a 45% click-through rate. These notifications trigger when a user enters the area that has been geofenced.

Retailers can use geofencing notifications to promote events or promotions, or just to enhance brand awareness. Trigger the messages that mean the most at the right time in the right place.

How brands are utilizing them

Check out how certain businesses use geo-based push notification to enhance their business revenue:

  • Expedia, the travel website, focuses on wide-ranging travel deals depending on your location.

  • Starbucks sends promo information when you are in close proximity to a store.

  • Groupon displays different cash-back rewards and other promotions based on the city you live in.

  • YouTube will display wide-ranging video content depending on your geolocation.

  • When a user’s location changes, the push notifications they receive have to reflect that new place.

Key Statistical Data

There are some key statistics that reflect geofence enabled push notifications. According to the recent study by Microsoft:

  • 99.6% of users share data for cash-back rewards

  • 89.3% of users share data for location-based markdowns

  • 65.2% of users share data for loyalty rewards

Geo-location Push Notification Tool

BoardActive is a notification software that allows the segmentation of app users based on their location. The location of the user is monitored in real-time using the best location data collection practices. This can help you trigger targeted messages to users when they reach the perfect location for a goal or conversion. This software gets brands closer to their goals with increased retention, engagement, and revenue.


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