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Honey, Where Are We Eating Tonight?

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

There is an age-old question that haunts the average couple on a daily basis, “Honey, where do you want to eat tonight?” No one wants to be the one to decide, and it often ends in the same pizza delivery you've had twice this week because you can’t agree on something. What if there was a better way to decide? Let’s think of the requirements for a desired dining pick:

· Affordable

· Easy to Access Location

· Good Menu Options

· No Wait Time

· Atmosphere

This is a lot to consider, and the main reason why finding a place to agree upon becomes a daunting task. This is where BoardActive's comes in. The location-based software provides real-time promotions and information from the restaurants you already know you enjoy. There is no second-guessing if it’s close enough or if you will enjoy the food. Don’t worry about remembering to open the brand's app or a coupon site to find great deals – all this information is provided without having to do a thing. A diner's dream!

How It Works

Visualmatic™ is an patented software service that utilizes the apps of your favorite brands to give you information direct from your relevant interests. Unlike other push notification software, Visualmatic™ utilizes cutting-edge geofencing technology to deliver these notifications when you are in a relevant location. You will no longer worry about getting ads for a place you don’t enjoy, nor will you get a great deal sent to your phone while you are getting ready for bed. It’s always what you enjoy when you will benefit from it most.

For example, David and Jessica worked late and are hungry. There is nothing in the fridge which means it’s time to decide where to eat. Jessica wants something close by, and a place with food she knows she already enjoys. David wants something inexpensive where they can sit right down to eat. After driving for less than two minutes, a ping sounds from their phones. Their favorite Italian place is having a BOGO entrée deal with the purchase of two drinks with no wait time for seating. The restaurant is in the plaza ahead, and they pull in satisfied with their great find!

Progressive Marketing for a Modern World

We are in an age where information is literally a finger swipe away. There is such an overload of details available for every industry. It’s inevitable that consumer confusion can occur just looking for local brands to provide the basic services we need. Even if we download the apps to be in touch with the brands we know we enjoy and use, remembering to use the apps is usually an afterthought. Visualmatic™ changes things for the modern consumer and gives us a leg up when making purchasing decisions. It’s no longer a hunt to find great deals or an argument to decide where we want to eat. From dining options to retailers and everything in between, Visualmatic™ is making the mobile marketing world a more consumer-friendly option for getting what we want when we want it.


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