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Full-Circle Mobile Marketing Vision 👀: Complete Analytics from Impression to Point of Sale

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Hey guys, it has been awhile since I have posted an article. We have made some big changes that are making waves in the way brands do business. Our Visualmaticâ„¢ process is taking the marketing industry by storm with its high-performance sales and data successes. In the mobile age, it is impossible to stick with static advertising and multi-step processes. We have created a platform that gives it all in one single-source solution!

What Drives Success?

Moment of Impression – A first impression is everything, especially in a business relationship. When you send a marketing message, the initial impact will make a lasting mark on the rest of the campaign’s value.

What does this mean for a brand? Magic. Intrigue. Emotion. Brands need to wake up and smell the potential. With a high impact visual statement, the right words, and timely delivery – a mobile marketing message can leave an impression that catapults a consumer into a sale.

Visualmaticâ„¢ is the mobile marketing process that gives apps the boost they need. The simple, and easy to use platform delivers messages with rich media, interactive buttons, and full measurement capabilities to monitor the ups and downs in a campaign. Choose who to send the message to with full filtering capabilities and layering. Want to send a message to all the users who have been to a competitor that month? Done. Looking to talk with younger users who shop in a specific area? We got you. Send to the people that matter most to your campaigns, and when they are in the best locations using geofencing.

After the initial impression sends, the platform allows you to view the number of users that opened the message, and more specifically which users opened the message.

Let’s talk more about measurement- Once a user receives a message, what happens? There has to be some way to determine what they did with the message. Did they open the app, head to the website, visit the store location? How did the promotion affect their decisions? Visualmatic™ gives you those answers and more. Monitor the choices that a user makes after they receive the message. See where they go, and if they make the purchase or action intended.

Beyond the message – Visualmatic™ is more than just location-based messages and measuring their success. With the easy software merge into an app, the complete user life cycle and experience collect as easy to read data.

  • Monitor the foot traffic at store locations to determine where people frequent, and who needs help.

  • Geofence competitor locations and send messages to counter their promotions when users enter the area.

  • Collect data on user behavior and location events to use for campaign filtering.

Sales. Sales. Sales. This is the end goal for every brand and as much as data and measurement are the fuel – sales are the fire. The Visualmatic™ process grows sales opportunity, targets users for higher conversions rates, and ensures that at the end of the campaign – sales are the result.

The options are plentiful and powerful. A full circle marketing campaign that removes the need for third party services. Visualmaticâ„¢ fulfills the needs of brand mobile marketing campaigns, as well as working with OOH.

Learn more at, and schedule your one on one demo today.


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