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Food and Grocery Delivery Services on the Rise: How Are Apps Keeping Up?

With unprecedented times, eating at home is inevitable. Since many people are working remotely and others may not have the best culinary skills of Ramsey, food and grocery delivery are in high demand. With an increase in customers and limited supplies on the shelves, how are these apps going to keep up with the demand and curveballs?


Push notifications are an app’s best friend. They allow communication between app and people in a way that is interactive, and far from one-sided. Notifications build a brand with information, options, and support.


Keep customers updated with the information they need to make the best choices for their food and grocery needs. Informative push notifications include details such as:

  • New Store or Restaurant Options

  • Limited Time Promotions

  • Reward Opportunities

Keep customers knowledgeable about what your app offers to avoid competitors taking their interest.


Giving customers an interactive experience is integral to the consumer experience. People enjoy making choices. From the place they choose to order from and the products they want to the method of contact at drop off and tip amount – these options personalize the consumer journey. Sending a push is a great way to give voice to these choices. Using interactive buttons, mapping, and rich media additional data – a push can convey the choice ahead and the options they have without ever having to open the app.


Support plays a huge role in app user satisfaction. Support is obviously the customer service interaction and dealing with issues that may arise, but it is also much more. Supporting a customer through the stages of their ordering through to delivery is just as important. Send push notifications to assist the process of taking an order, follow the path from pick up to drop off, and for verification of delivery.

What makes push notifications the best option for communicating these points between app and consumer?

Push notifications have several valuable assets that put them above other forms of communication.

  • Notifications appear even on the lock screen so they won’t be missed

  • Segment notifications based on neighborhoods and location, user information, and in-app behavior

  • Less intrusive to the app user’s currently on their phone as notification waits in the status bar for viewing

  • Free to users in opposition to SMS notifications that cost to certain phone carriers

Are you a small restaurant or grocery store that wants to add a push to your process? Reach out to our team to learn more about the measurement and analytical benefits of push notifications with a free demo.


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