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Five Strategies for the Best Push Notification

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

No one with a mobile phone is a stranger to push notifications. They pop up with different forms of information and depending on how well its delivered – you either view it or you dismiss it. So, what defines that line? It is a marketer’s job to deliver a visual impact worth paying attention to while also leaving a lasting mark that turns impression into conversion. We have developed five key strategy points for ensuring these results, and why they matter.

1. Choose the right permissions.

This is the first step of push notifications. For android users, many choose to opt in to receiving messages as a setting in their phone itself. Otherwise, a notification request pops up after app installation. iOS does not have an overall opt in setting, but each app must request permission individually.

Be clear with your request, and inform the user what type of information they will be likely to receive through your app. If you just say “xyz wants to send you notifications” it is up to chance whether the user decides to opt in or opt out, but with a defined permission request they see the benefits associated with the notifications and can make an informed decision. Try, “xyz requests permission to send notifications on upcoming sales, coupons, and event information”.

Other permissions that benefit push notifications are location permissions for location-based messages, and even camera permissions can benefit push notifications with QR code scanning to receive messages.

So, why is this important?

Transparency. It is a concept that is becoming more and more important to the average consumer. They want to know why you want the information you want, and what you are going to do with it. Know the permissions your platform needs to run efficiently and effectively and deliver requests that are straightforward.

2. Layer segmentation of message audience.

Segmentation is a focal point of any type of marketing campaign with any medium. Sending an ad out to mass public is like shooting an arrow at a target with a blindfold on after spinning in circles. You have no idea if you are going to get a hit, but the chances are unlikely.

However, segmenting is not just one type of information. There are multiple types, some including:

  • Demographics – age, race, income, education level

  • Geographical – location most frequented, location patterns

  • Behavioral – buying patterns, frequent user, interests

Using just one of these segments limits the reach of a campaign. If you are a shoe store with an app, and you know that your promotions are most successful with Latino males who buy Reebok shoes in South Florida – target all of those markers with your next campaign to get the highest level of impressions and conversions. There are many great tools to assist with mobile message segmentation. (check out BoardActive)

It is more than just the ability to segment your message campaign targets, it is also about delivering measurements on what your consumers buying habits are to deliver more relevant information to their interests. The more personalized your content becomes for your users, the stronger of a connection a brand builds with their users.

3. Utilize geofencing technology.

Location-based notifications are the most effective way to bring relevancy to a mobile messaging campaign. It is a great start to involve segmenting the delivery based on the user’s profile. Take that personalization a step further by implementing a delivery system that is based on their current location.

Geofences are virtual boundaries made around store locations, signs, or any physical location a business finds pertinent to their consumers. When an app user enters that geofence they get hit with the push notification.

No more annoying messages showing up at night while you are getting ready for bed, or coupons popping up after you have already made your purchase. Geofencing gives consumers the information when it is most applicable to their location and increases the conversion rate exponentially.

4. Pay attention to the send rate.

If a push notification is displaying the information consumers want when they need it, there is no reason for a lack of engagement…or is there? Be attentive to the amount of pushes your app sends out, especially when messages are geofence triggered. Set a daily send rates each campaign. The average consumer wants less than 3 messages per day. Annoying a consumer can end engagement and even have permissions for messages removed by the user.

5. Stay up-to-date with your information.

Personalizing campaigns with segmentation and geofences create relevant campaigns, but the largest mistake businesses make is not updating this information with each campaign. What works for one product or promotion may not work for another.

Stay up-to-date with your:

  • Ideal consumer profile – Your brand may have the highest volume of women under 30 shopping in the summer, but men over 50 are your largest supporters in the winter. Keep track of the demographics of your active users and plan your campaigns accordingly.

  • User buying interests – Incorporate the products and services that bring your business the most traffic to your messages. Deliver information most requested, and keep your communication tailored to what your users ask for.

  • Advances in mobile technology - If your competitors are sending gifs and action buttons that lead right to a purchase, but your message contains a standard image with a website link – whose message will leave the lasting impression?

Push notifications have power. They open the lines of communication between an app and its users. Utilize this ability to its full potential and see the results in retention and sales. App abandonment is on the rise in 2019, and it is your job to deliver the information your users want when they want. BoardActive is an app enhancement software that provides ALL of these strategies in one single source. From segmentation, measurement of campaigns and users, and place-based push notification delivery – BoardActive is the one stop shop for push notification success. Check out to schedule a demo today.


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