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Evolving Marketing Strategies to Reach Consumers in a Remote World

We are in unprecedented times where people rarely leave their homes, and marketers are struggling. Remote work, layoffs, office closure, campaign failures, and more plaque brands as people take to their homes and practice safe social distancing practices. So, what can marketers do?

The first step is what not to do – do not stay stagnant. What used to work is not going to suddenly become relevant again in the near future. Many businesses are transitioning into virtual offerings, delivery services, and remote promotions. It is time to evolve marketing campaigns to the same type of evolution - reach consumers at home in an efficient and effective way.

In-app mobile marketing offers communication when people need it most.

Transfer OOH Assets into Mobile Campaigns

OOH marketing assets are only productive if they are seen. With consumers stuck inside, how can you repurpose these campaigns to actively reach your customers?

Set up push notification campaigns that utilize the visual content of an OOH campaign. Segment the delivery of the message using demographics, location, and consumer behavior to reach your ideal customer. Follow consumers through their journey from the moment they receive the impression to the moment they complete the campaign goal.

What does this look like?

We will use a HVAC business, Air Rite, as an example.

Air Rite has a billboard on a local highway intersection in the area that they do the most business. They craft a push notification with the billboard visual content, business details, and a promotion for a free virtual inspection. Air Rite marketers decide to segment the campaign to reach users in the neighborhoods surrounding the billboard location using geofence triggering. They further segment delivery to users who own homes and have not opened the Air Rite app in the last 30 days with the final goal of scheduling a virtual appointment through the app.

The campaign is set live, and the information updates in real-time to show when the message delivery rate, who receives the message, who opens the app from the message, and how many consumers actually schedule a virtual appointment after receiving the message.

Real-Time Results

Attribution is a key component to successful campaigns. It shows what works, and what may need to change. With a transition to online and mobile services, marketers have an opportunity to keep up with the shift without missing a beat. Reach customers in their homes, and showcase the new offers that fit the remote lifestyle most people are experiencing.

BoardActive’s platform offers push notifications that take minutes to construct with no coding needed. Send messages with a full range of segmentation options based on location, in-app behavior, and demographics. Build a consumer profile that updates with these details in real-time. Monitor the consumer journey from the first impression to the completed goal for complete attribution. The real deal here? You can be set up to send messages, collect data, and gain campaign insights as fast as a quick phone call.

Seeing is believing – schedule a demo today!


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