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Enhancing Your Marketing Impact by Building Reliable Consumer Profiles

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

One of the key components to any successful marketing campaign is the ability to generate an understandable message and getting into the hands of relevant consumers. If your advertising material is hard to digest and is being seen by those who have no interest in your brand, then it’s a waste of your time, as well as the consumers. In order to navigate that path effectively, it pays to have fine control over the people that are seeing your message. There is plenty of software out there that sends push notifications, but nothing that sends pull notifications. Pull notifications are messages that possess information relevant to a specific consumer’s interests and tastes. Instead of pushing them away with annoying spam, they are pulled in by engaging information for their particular consumer profiles. We decided to fill that gap in the market, and developed the international patent-pending software, Visualmatic™.

How Do We Do It?

Visualmatic™ uses location data, and in app permissions from existing brand apps to locate consumers with relevant interest when they enter areas your brand has geofenced. Once the consumer enters your area, your personalized message appears on their phone. These messages can consist of anything applicable to your targeted audience, such as:

· Promotions or Discounts

· Local Events

· Location and Contact Information

· Purchasing Details

· And More!

These messages can not only deliver information to the consumers who would use it most, but it also allows you to build a complete profile of the type of consumers that use your app, products, and promotions. This consumer profile gives you a massive advantage in choosing the areas to advertise, and the specific ways to promote.

For example, Main Street Coffee geofences the area around two of their shops to send out a promotional offer of BOGO coffee and tea. Visualmatic™ sends out this push when anyone in the area with their app gets within the geofence boundaries. Once this push is received, the consumers who actually use the push to make a purchase are documented. Our software stores the data and lets Main Street Coffee know they make more sales with women under 30 at one location, while men over 40 dominate the other. They know that the consumers use the push more often in the morning, and on weekdays. This information is priceless when narrowing down intended targets for promotions and deciding what marketing steps do or don’t work.

The Evolution of Visualmatic™

The OOH marketing industry is on a constant fast-paced progression, and we are at the front of the race. Our software not only personalizes brand marketing messages to consumers, but also narrows the gap of consumer profiling. As more and more brands utilize its advantages, the more the software will evolve. Imagine a day when you walk past a billboard or kiosk, and the digital image broadcasts to you by name with a promotion that benefits you specifically. Visualmatic™ is the future of personalization.


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