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Define an App Owner: Who, What, How, Why?

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Apps are the backbone of all mobile device use. The saying goes, “Whatever you need, there is an app for that.” Apps are a lot of work thought. The concept is created, and it is up to talented developers to produce the working app to fulfill the purpose the creator intended. There is design work, engineering, marketing, and more that goes into a successful app development. Once it’s a completed project, there is upkeep, customer support, increasing downloads and engagement, and more that go into fluid working of an app. With so much involved, the app owner has a heap of work on their plate.


Who exactly is an app owner though? Is it the people who have the apps on their devices? Is it the people who created the app, or maybe the person who developed the idea? There are types of app owners – companies and developers. People can develop an app and are both creator and owner. Some well-known examples include:

  • Lisk

  • Appbot

  • Virtru

  • Slack

Other companies outsource their development and own the app as a founder. Examples of this include:

  • Social Media – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat

  • Retail – Walmart, Amazon, Target

  • Banking – Wells Fargo, Chase, Bank of America

Knowing who is the owner of the app can determine who is responsible for the app maintenance, updates, bugs, and more.


An app encompasses many facets to work properly. Without the full realm of needs met, an app will lose users and face declining consumer retention. An app owner is responsible for many things beyond the initial creation of the app. This includes:

  • Updates

  • Design

  • Customer Service

  • Marketing

  • Security


The facets of what goes into the upkeep of an app are easily handled by an app owner delegating tasks to the proper channels. The app owner should maintain a team that can handle the following:

  • Updates – Keeping your app relevant with needed changes and bug fixes

  • Design – Maintain your image with designs that tie in logo, visual impact, and brand

  • Customer Service – Having efficient customer service is a must to help solve technical, practical, and service needs of your app users.

  • Marketing – There are services that app owners can trust to open a bridge of communication between the business and users. These services assist in delivering messages and measuring ROI from these impressions. (See BoardActive)

  • Security – Protect the information of your users by enlisting in the best developers and most secure servers for your user data storage.


An app owner has plenty to handle, and the big question is why? Why do it? The answer is simple, because they can. There will always be someone creating new applications based on the ideas, wants, and needs of the public. Do it first and do it well. Invest in the team needed to complete a full circle of efficiency surrounding the app, and the prestige surrounding the app will be all the why an app owner needs.

How Visualmatic™ Answers the App Owner Demand

App owners need simplicity. As we discussed, owning an app can require a hefty demand of time, money, and energy. Hiring third party services can be a help with many aspects of app ownership, but for a cost. Visualmatic™ answers this problem with a one-stop-shop solution. From open lines of communication between app and users to full scale measurement of impression to point of sale ROI – one SDK installation can be the answer app owners need to marketing, analytic, and messaging goals. Reach out today to learn more!


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