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Data: Monitor Your App User’s Impressions and Campaign Attribution

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

BoardActive is sweeping the marketing world with its patented app service, Visualmatic™. From opening the door to consumer communication to building ever-expanding user profiles.

A Brief Rundown of Visualmatic™- The users that download your app will receive your messages when they enter into geofenced locations of your choice. This can be when they are near your billboard, stores, or any area that you want to target. The messages can have interactive rich media to get directions, purchase products, watch videos, listen to podcasts, and more. Once, the impression is made, Visualmatic™ delivers information necessary to campaign success.

What Information Brands Receive- Visualmatic™ offers a variety of measurable information using the data received. Location data is limitless in its potential. Once the impression you send is received by the app user, you will be able to gather what they do from there. Did the user head into the store after seeing your message? Did they make a purchase using the promotion sent from your brand? Each time the user engages you can gather important consumer details such as name, email, phone number, interests, and frequented locations.

How this Information Benefits You- With location data and more compiled using our software, your brand can determine what locations do the best at particular times or on certain days. Learn the targeted audience that frequents specific areas to construct more personalized marketing campaigns. Showcase what messages work in specific areas, or what type of users respond to particular promotions. You can determine a real-time ROI of each campaign you run to narrow down what works for your brand, and what doesn’t.

Directing Your Messages to Specific Audiences- The Measurement and Audiences feature of Visualmatic™ allows for you to build consumer profiles showcasing what area specific users frequent, what promotions they respond to, and more. With these details you can filter your targeted users for a personalized message delivery. Want to send to males between age 30 and 55 in the downtown area of a specific city? You got it. Would you like to send follow up messages to females who made purchases after 5pm on weekends? Perfect. Constructing a custom consumer target for your campaign ensures the best results for your message.

Visualmatic™ is transforming the way brands speak to their consumers, but it is so much more than that. Data is vital to building more successful marketing campaigns and we have made it more reliable and simple to get that information. Reach out to our team to learn more.


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