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Building a Campaign in QSR: Reinventing the Coupon 🍔🍟

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

QSR is one of those industries that isn’t going anywhere. There is always a need for food: quick and easy. Whether it’s a road trip, late night with no time to cook, or a specific greasy craving – quick-service restaurants are integral to the lives of most modern people. The trick for QSR is setting yourself apart from the mass amounts of competition out there. This is often where coupons and deals come in to play.

In this situation, you need to address smart promotional content.

So, what does that mean?

No one wants to lose money. When a consumer has a print coupon, they have access to that deal whenever they want to use it. This is often during rush hours or paired with another in-store deal that drastically affects the revenue made with the purchase. Targeting a campaign that is based on time and location gives the QSR an advantage to prevent this.

What Does That Look Like?

Taco King wants to draw in customers during their slower hours for products that have had a lower revenue than projected. Using the Visualmatic™ process, Taco King schedules 2 separate campaigns for their slowest times of the day. The first campaign has Taco King app users receiving a breakfast coupon for $1.00 off a breakfast burrito good between 6 am and 11 am M-F. This reengages app users with an incentive that brings them in during a slow time for an item that is new on the menu.

The second campaign is a free dessert item with a dinner combo purchase any time after 6 pm and before they close at midnight M-F. This campaign targets the time after a dinner rush when business drastically slows.

Neither campaign affects the already steady business during the weekends, and revenue isn’t lost to a coupon used in conjunction with another deal. It’s a win-win for consumers and brands alike.

Visualmatic™ Extends the Reach of Print Coupons

So, what is the difference between the Visualmatic process and a traditional print coupon campaign? It comes down to cost, targeting, and conversions.

A print campaign shows great results in some industries, but not necessarily in the fast food space. QSR's are all about quick and efficient delivery of products and services. Digital promotional content and coupons increase conversion rates and give the user the resources they want at the exact time they need it.

The Visualmatic™ process takes the appeal of a coupon promotion and reinvents it as a personalized push notification. Target with ultra-specific segmentation of the right users at the right time in the right place. Having filtered delivery gains an added advantage of interest, location, and patterns.

In addition to the defined message delivery, the Visualmatic™ process gives the data to back a coupon campaign. Did the campaign work? Who did it bring in? What time was most successful? How long did it take for the impression to bring the user to point of sale? Answer these questions and more with the Visualmatic™ data collection capabilities. Learn location and buying behaviors from impression to point of sale….print coupons may be outdated but the birth of the mobile coupon using the Visualmatic™ process is here!


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