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Build Up Loyalty Programs through Push Notifications

Consumers have an unlimited resource of options when they look for a particular item or service to purchase. That’s why there is little brand loyalty today. Consumers go to any store that offers them the best deal, products, and promotions. Having loyal customers greatly increases revenue, as repeat customers account for 35% of the average business’s income. So how do you get there with consumers when they have so many choices?

A typical loyalty program offers the customer free offerings, exclusive markdowns, access to early product releases and even points that they can redeem. A shopper receives many benefits once they enroll in the loyalty program, but how do you get them to sign up?

Yes, you have set up a landing page for your loyalty program. You have even added a link to it on your home page and you dedicate a banner promotion to it. It is not enough.

In this article, we’re sharing a few ways in which you can promote a loyalty program anywhere and everywhere with mobile app push notifications to increase participation, engagement and overall revenue.

Personalizing the Welcome

If someone signs up for your loyalty program, they are seeking a relationship that brings them better deals and custom experiences.

But how do you make every single customer feel like an individual when you have thousands if not hundreds of thousands of customers?

It takes superior design, automation, analytic software, and communication.

Start with the welcome. Send your new loyalty program member a welcome push when they sign up using their name or unique identifier, as well as a well-designed graphic/gif. This personalized greeting immediately sets a tone for the brand to consumer relationship.

Acknowledge Milestones within the program

There are so many moments to celebrate during the loyal consumer’s journey.

  • When they update their profile information.

  • When they refer your app to a friend.

  • When they redeem rewards.

  • When they make a purchase.

These moments deserve an acknowledgment that lets the consumer know your brand is paying attention and cares about their achievements and progression through the consumer lifecycle.

The message can look like this.

  • A catchy headline

  • Image/GIF relevant to the event.

  • Description or Message

  • Call to Action buttons

This is only one example of the dynamic messages you can send out honoring the special moments along your user’s journey.

Happy Birthday

Most people already feel a bit special on their birthday and love when its acknowledged by others. A birthday message can be one of the most fruitful sent out all year. People feel the urge to splurge on themselves a bit more and hunting down the best birthday deals can be a headache. Send an enthusiastic birthday celebration in one easy push. A personalized message with a special loyal user birthday promotion will do wonders for user engagement and conversions.

Rewards & Referrals

As we addressed in the beginning, the main reason someone signs up for a loyalty rewards program is to receive a benefit. Whether that be a discount, special event, or limited item. The added advantage keeps the user coming back and remaining steadfast in their loyalty. Simply having a great bonus offer isn’t enough. Use notifications to remind your members that they signed up from great rewards, and they want to cash in on them.

Referrals are a great way to add extra value to your loyalty program. Come up with an incentive that is irresistible.

  • Amazing deals

  • Free deals

  • Points that can be cashing in on for money, larger discounts, or gift cards

Periodically sent push reminders that show their current referral status and what they can earn if they bring a friend into the family. Send a message when they have enough points to select a reward.

Win your consumer over with one rewarding message after the next. Keep your loyalty notifications positive and revisiting the value in your program. Success is one push away.


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