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Branding within Your App and Throughout Your Messages

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Branding is everything. It is what brings your business to the forefront of people’s minds with just an image, sound, or idea. Creating that brand is step one, but step two is implementing that brand throughout every piece of information you distribute. From your website, products, and business cards to your signs, app, and emails. It’s all about consistency.

Utilizing Your Branding Imagery

A brand has many layers that pull together for a full image. These layers include things such as:

  • Specific Color Combinations

  • Logo

  • Slogan

  • Specific Font

  • Specific Music or Sounds

  • Trademarks

These are only a few of the options that deliver a sense of business brand. The key to making a lasting impression is delivering these details to the public through recognition, repetition, and reputation.


Recognize the branding details that resonate through your consumers. McDonald’s has the golden arches, Starbucks has the saucy mermaid, and Frosted Flakes has Tony the Tiger. These branding images are so easily recognizable that no one can mistake their products for belonging to anyone else. This is the goal. Instill imagery into your marque that is immediately received, understood, and recognizable for branding longevity.


  • Use easy to read fonts, choose colors that are aesthetically pleasing and collaborate well together.

  • Design a logo that is apparent in what it is, and how it plays into your image.

  • Think of your design in a wide-range aspect. Will it look good on the products? Will it retain its legibility in small or large form?


  • Use script that is hard to read or only legible in specific settings.

  • Use clashing color combinations or textures that do not go well together.

  • Integrating a logo that is similar to another big brand company.


After creating a brand that adequately represents your brand, it is integral to implement that branding in every aspect of your marketing and product. This ranges from your static materials to digital ads, and everything in between. An area that sometimes gets less review is mobile marketing materials. Having an app with your logo isn’t enough. Every in-app message and push notification should feature your branding material. This repetition delivers a solid backing of what you visually stand for within your brand. Always use the same colors, fonts, music, slogan, and logo in your media to create this foundation.

Companies can face confusion with their branding by changing things up too often, lacking developed branding in their marketing visuals, and the inability to display branding in a relevantly repetitive manner. Visualmatic™ creates a platform to deliver consistent communication between brands and people. With the ability to add dynamic visuals to a message, brands can trust their visual image is as strongly represented as their product or service itself. Learn more about the Visualmatic™ platform today!


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