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Brand In-Hand Part One: Increase the Traffic to Your Website & Physical Store

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

An open line of communication at any time in any place – this is the goal of any business’s marketing campaign. Developed customer profiles, relevant timing, and powerful messages – this is what gets businesses the results they want. This article focuses on building traction for brick and mortar stores and websites by utilizing mobile marketing tool, Visualmatic™.

For countless years, business has been a process of consumers going to the brands when they want something. Times are changing! Brands have the opportunity to engage consumers on their own terms in any location, at any time. Brand to consumer and business to people, Visualmatic™ offers a single source solution that fills all the gaps of modern marketing campaigns.

What is Visualmatic™?

Visualmatic™ is a system that delivers location-based messages from brands to people through brand apps. These messages send to a brand’s app users when they enter certain locations dictated by the brand itself. The relevancy of when and where the consumers are receiving the messages builds a foundation that increases user retention and engagement. The delivery of the message are segmented using the Audience feature to create targeted audience for specific products or services. With over 24 attributes and the ability to create your own, Audiences will bring clarity to campaign ICP.

Beyond the message delivery, giving brands transparency within their marketing campaigns ROI is paramount. Monitor store foot traffic, measure the conversion rate for specific promotions or messages, and follow ROI from impression to point of sale – a single source solution is achievable.

Brand In-Hand

Brand in-hand is the idea of bringing a store directly into the hands of consumers. Having the power to deliver complete branding messages when the consumer needs them most is powerful. Most businesses offer the majority of their information on their website. Few consumers will take the time to look up a website when they need a specific service, let alone just to take a look at what a brand is promoting. Thankfully, it is no longer an issue because brands can bring their entire frame of product, image, and service directly to the consumer’s mobile device.

Some forms of engagement include:

  • Images/GIFs/Videos

  • Promotions

  • Event Booking

  • Purchases

  • Directions to Location

  • And More

As shipping gets faster and products get cheaper, online stores are nulling the need for brick and mortar locations. Consumers want things faster, efficiently, and with the best deal possible. So, brands need to take their brick and mortar locations to the hands of the consumers. Same can be said for the website. The power is in the consumer’s hand, as they have to actively choose to visit a site for it to get traffic. What if a push to their mobile device can send a consumer to a site on the brand’s time? It is possible with Visualmatic™.

How is this done?

Creating a developed sense of brand is only as powerful as your ability to deliver that brand to consumers. A website is not enough to get your message out there. A physical location is not enough. However, working with the Visualmatic™ a brand delivers information through mobile delivery to drive consumers to their website. It also increases the POS conversions at a store location by driving relevant traffic through the doors with promotional material, coupons, and more.

The ability to bring a brand’s full scope of product and image straight into the consumer’s hands – a marketing campaign has never had such power.

Stay tuned for the next article featuring part two of the Brand In-Hand message. We talked about the power of increasing website traffic and brick and mortar conversions using Visualmatic™, but our next topic is building bridges between business and people using Brand In-hand campaigns. Check it out!


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