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Location Data and Consumer Privacy Addressed

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Nothing runs the modern world more than mobile technology. There is an app for literally every facet of daily life. Need to get directions? There’s an app for that. Looking for the least expensive paint at your local department store or to find the latest style of summer sandals? There are apps for that, too. These apps provide a valuable service that is utilized by people all over the world. In order to provide a more efficient and effective product, apps require certain permissions. Things like accessing your camera, phone contacts, and location give you the reliability that you require out of your products. The latter permission is one of the key components to utilizing the international patent pending software, Visualmatic™.

What Is Visualmatic™?

Push notifications tend to be the annoying marketing tool that pops up with uninteresting promotions when you least want them to. Visualmatic™ has developed a way to personalize push notifications to send information only from your preferred brands, and only when you are in a relevant environment. Using geofencing technology and the apps already on your phone, you receive the promotions you want when they benefit you most. The software is a great tool for brand apps and gives the consumer more control over their marketing interaction while near brick and mortar locations. In order to bring the reliability that Visualmatic™ software is known for, location sharing is integral.

What Visualmatic™ Location Sharing Entails

Your mobile device is such an effective tool for so many different areas of life, and location sharing runs most of them. Agreeing to the permissions of your phone's apps gives you the directions to places you want to go, recommendations to local businesses, and access to special materials from your favorite companies. These apps can track your location after you’ve given permission. With Visualmatic™, it’s only for relevant use, and never shared or sold with anyone outside of the brand you are accessing and our team. I'm sure everyone you know has used a mapping app or used location sharing to gain information about businesses around you. Visualmatic™ gives you even more personalization with less evasive data sharing. We only access your location data to give you applicable information at a beneficial time.

Not All Location Services Are Equal

Some of these apps use beacons to gather your location. It requires a hardware installation, Bluetooth sharing, and frequent maintenance. This is not ideal for brands and consumers alike. It has inconsistent data, and often misses the mark on delivering pertinent information. We use Wi-Fi aggregation, cell phone triangulation, and GPS positioning to guarantee a quality product with no chance of a missed opportunity from poor location detection. Beacon based locating is obsolete, and our team prides itself on bringing you cutting-edge brand to consumer engagement.

The next time you download an app and quickly hit allow on all of those permissions, remember that our Visualmatic™ software is only using the permissions you have already allowed, and only to provide you the best possible service. Your location is safe with us!


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