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Back to School Solutions w/ BoardActive

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

No one who has college aged children would be surprised to learn that the back-to-college retail market is over $54 billion dollars - with a median outlay of almost $1,000 per family! Retailer marketers compete fiercely to capture their share of this consumer spending, and we’re already beginning to see their marketing campaigns appear in stores and across every media channel. With their ad campaigns fully baked and ready to roll, is there anything else retailers can do to gain a competitive edge? There is with BoardActive!

Using our patent-pending software, retailers can deliver special back-to-college promotions to their mobile app users when they pass by out-of-home media, store locations, or even college campuses and dorms. Using BoardActive, retailers can offer college mascot-branded special deals and capture more of last minute spending on electronics, apparel, accessories, household goods and more. Here’s an example of home it works:

Users can redeem rewards or promotions by scanning rich media at POS systems. With BoardActive, brands now have the ability to track their customers from impression all the way to point of sale

While back-to-college is spending is approaching fast, there is still time to get BoardActive and reach your customers when they arrive on campus this fall. To learn more, request a comprehensive product demo at


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