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A Dive into the Deep End of Visual Marketing 🏊‍♀️

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Branding is all about the creatives and how they impact consumers. From the emotional connection that builds from the point of the first impression to the reoccurring feelings evoked through brand imagery – creatives are the backbone of recognition and relationships between brands and consumers. With that said, why are so many brands failing at providing a full experience with their creatives?

They are missing BrandDrop™ from their marketing process.

BrandDrop™ - What’s that?

BrandDrop™ is the process of bringing large mass marketing creatives down to mobile when it has the most relevance to a consumer. Brands have the power to engage a wider range of consumers through digital media, but how do you know who and where to target?

Visualmatic™ allows for personal delivery to only the users who already have loyalty to your brand in a moment that is relevant to them. The media delivered is able to house interactive media such as “click here for directions”, “buy now”, “schedule now”, and various other buttons to link back to your business. The act of “dropping” the creative “down” to the mobile device adds an extra kick to a marketing campaign and using a service such as Visualmatic™ makes it possible.

What It Provides

In a world driven by mobile engagement, apps downloaded and only used once and then forgotten. Your customers may dedicate themselves to your brand, but if they don’t know what you are offering – how can they possibly use it? BrandDrop™ gives the brands a way to communicate static advertising to consumers to increase consumer retention and drive sales. You can showcase your best visuals, as well as give users a way to engage with you back which takes it a step beyond the basic billboard.

It doesn’t stop there, though.

Learn what users respond to, and in what areas. Develop a consumer profile with the data that builds direct marketing success. Creating custom audiences is a key feature that showcases information users provide to your app, and how those specifications are used to filter and fine-tune your marketing campaigns.

Visualmatic™ and BrandDrop™ pair together like beer and football….an unbeatable combination.

How It Works

The best way to understand something is to hear it in a real-life scenario. Let’s say that a movie theater has a billboard near their exit off the interstate. The billboard has a QR code for free popcorn with movie ticket purchase, and directions to where they are located. When one of their app users drives by the billboard, that same visual drops down to their phone. The directions become a clickable link opening their maps, and the QR code is now usable without unsafe picture taking on the interstate. This type of marketing power allows for direct messaging, relevant consumer interaction, location data measurements, and more!

The Next Step

Take control of your marketing power and gain the communication that your consumers want. Visualmatic™ will be the next bold move your campaign takes, and the last it will need. Schedule a free demo today to learn all the advantages associated with a location-based BrandDrop™!


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