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5 Ways Geofencing Can Enhance Your Marketing Efforts

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

What is GeoFencing?

Geofencing refers to setting up a virtual border around any location in the world that sets off an action whenever a user passes into the specified location. This has presented a very valuable tool for marketers in that it enables them to send customers targeted messages when they enter geofenced areas. Technologies such as RFID, Bluetooth, and GPS, are some of the ways that make geofencing possible, but message delivery and location identification relies on device ID’s and mobile apps. Many brands are realizing the value in this technology and are beginning to leverage it in creative ways. Here are 5 ways geofencing can help market your business.

1. Keep your customers coming back

Imagine receiving messages that aligned with the time and place you were currently in? For example, when you are at the grocery store struggling to find the bread, a message popped up on your phone saying, “The bread is on aisle 5”. Brands now have the ability to send contextually relevant push notifications to their customers when they are most receptive to messaging. Improved targeting and personalized messaging can only help to keep users engaged with your brand

2. Improve the consumer experience

In the modern age of advertising, brands are fighting to stand out amongst the endless bombardment of information to consumers. Once a brand manages to overcome the obstacle of obtaining a customer, an even bigger hurdle presents itself: keeping them engaged. Location based technology allows for marketers to tailor the perfect consumer experience. With increased consumer engagement and retention rates, brands can use push notifications to improve brand loyalty and advocacy.

3. Spend your money the smart way

With the ability to deliver targeted messages to people near your store, and the capability to analyze the efficiency of your mobile campaigns, spending money on marketing efforts that yield results is easier than ever.

4. Execute Campaigns with Efficiency

It goes without saying that more personalized and targeted messaging improves efficiency, but I’ll say it anyway… It Improves Efficiency! Promotions delivered to users relevant to their location produces higher conversion rates.

5. Online to Offline Attribution

Gathering location data from geofences allows marketers to track consumer behavior from impression all the way to conversion. Brands can see which campaigns perform better, which locations receive more traffic, and how users engage with specific messaging.


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