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A Location & Audience based Direct Response AI \ Technology for connecting - BRANDS and PEOPLE.

Engage and deliver relevant mobile messages with creatives based on your APP users’ journeys and behaviors to increase sales. Geofence places to MEASURE, engage, & retarget your app users, WHEREVER they are. 

BrandDrop®, a Patented B2B & AI Software platform, delivers exciting  Brand In-APP customer experiences, is self service & provides 1st party data....We power APPS! 

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Powerful geofencing capabilities

Drive foot-traffic with our pinpoint accurate geolocation technology. Access all the tools you need to better understand your customers, reach them based on places they go, and measure the impact of your ads.

Deliver engaging content with hyper personalization

Quickly craft and schedule location-based mobile push notifications to engage audiences at the right place, time and location.

Translate location data into measurement, analytics, and segmentation for clear marketing efforts and relevant messaging.

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Build precise audiences with live accurate data

Group users into real-time segments and perfect your audience targeting with our powerful, automated segmentation engine.

Automatically build profiles for every user who visits your app, storing demographic data along with all their different interactions, campaign visits, and transaction history.

Create powerful in-app experiences with ease

Bring more value to your customers and enhance your in-app messaging.

Expand market share, increase positive reviews, & spread word-of-mouth referrals as downloads skyrocket 🚀

Offer a dynamically-personalized experience that incorporates your customer’s attributes, preferences & real-time behaviors as a way to increase growth, retention & expansion.

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Send creatives straight to a consumer’s mobile device when you use our patented VisualMatic®&AI technology. 

Allow consumers to open their camera and point at visuals to get precise info, offerings or interact with logos and creatives with the only VisualMatic® & AI platform worldwide.   


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