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BrandDrop™ visuals down to mobile, & geofence places for enhanced brand-to-consumer engagement. Follow the consumer experience from impression to conversion and act on robust analytics to drive sales in real-time:
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At BoardActive Software, we connect products and services to people. Using our robust mobile enhancement platform, you can set up a virtual perimeter, measure foot traffic, and engage your app users with personal notifications and offers. Increase your mobile engagement and retention
with ease and accountability, thanks to our Visualmatic technologies.

Relevant Engagements with Your Loyal Customers and App Users

Send personalized messages that deliver exactly what your customers are looking for when they need it most. The key to building long-lasting relationships is relevant messaging. Enhance your in-app experience with location-based notifications.

Monitor Foot-traffic & Measure Campaign Performance

Use real-time data to build a more complete consumer profile. Geofence important locations to better understand customer behavior, optimize campaign performance and uncover new opportunities for growth.

Track the complete customer journey
- from viewing a page, adding an item to their cart, redeeming a coupon at the point-of-sale, & completing a purchase. Improve users’ experiences by understanding who they are and how they engage. 

Identify which features & campaigns drive the most engagement and conversions in seconds. Collect & pipe data into other branches of your marketing stack, integrating online and offline datasets across systems to create a holistic view.

Personalize notifications and A/B tests based on how customers interact with your app or device. Leverage deep user behavior data
to fuel your marketing and analytics product suite to establish long-term consumer relationships. 

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with Our Software

Engage cold users and retain loyal customers. Send personalized messages that engage your customers when they are most receptive. The key to building long-lasting relationships is relevant messaging. Enhance your in-app experience with location-based notifications.

Empower your
Mobile Marketing

In digital marketing, if you're not evolving, you're falling behind. In order to stay relevant, you must have the right tools to drive your campaigns. Imagine a platform that gives you targeted engagement as well as real-time data on specific app users... Here are a few examples of your wishes that come true when you use BoardActive Software.

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