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Location-Based Marketing & Engagement Software 

BoardActive enables Brands and mobile marketers to effortlessly schedule and send push notifications driven by the recipient's geolocation. Increase engagement and grow revenue by connecting with your users wherever they are.

Use BoardActive Software to Connect With Brands App Users, Wherever They Are!

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Increase Revenue

Drive foot traffic through location-driven push notifications.

Boost Engagement

Quickly craft and schedule location-based push notifications to engage your audience at the most appropriate time and location.

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Amplify Other Channels

Improve the results of your OOH, social, and email campaigns by adding "direct to mobile" messaging.

Grow Downloads

Bring more value to users and enhance your in-app experience. Garner more shares, reviews, & positive word of mouth and watch downloads skyrocket 🚀

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Want to engage app users & build loyalty?

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