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A Geo-Location / Audience based B2B  Software built for Customer Growth and to Connect BRANDS to PEOPLE.
Brands, Apps, Media, Advertisers & Mobile verticals can easily schedule and deliver customer creatives driven by consumers journey & experiences. Geofence for revenue, to ENGAGE, move, measure, direct, and retarget by easily connecting w / people ANYWHERE! 

Use BoardActive's Patented 1st Party SaaS to - Connect Brands to Consumers - ANYWHERE

and  E V E R Y W H E R E !!

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Relevance and Revenue

Drive foot traffic with our Geolocation, Mobile, and 1st Party software. Creatives within our platform easily reach marketing channels such as: IN-APP, Text, Emails, Web, Badge, Phone, Beacons, Wifi, Hotspots etc.,


Also, our Utility Patents w / Int'l coverage, covers marketing channel solutions against the competition with our simple solution.

Identify and Engage 

Quickly craft and schedule location-based mobile push creatives to engage audiences at the right place, time and location.


Translate location data into measurement, analytics, and segmentation for clear marketing efforts and relevant messaging.

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REACH your "creative" results for any mobile, social, media, and email campaign by adding "direct to consumer" Mobile and or Web APP personalized engagement.

"PERSONALIZE" potential targets & enable "Attribution" DATA to organize the physical world identities and analyze consumers true value propositions and revenue from them.

Create and Acquire

Bring more value to your customer (CX) experiences and enhance Brand IN-APP marketing via personalization.


Expand market share, good reviews, & positive word of mouth as downloads skyrocket 🚀 with your one on one targeted location based marketing.  

Ask about our 1st Party solution dynamics and our revenue driven White Labeling and Enterprise partnerships programs.

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