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Send creatives straight to consumer’s mobile device and engage when they point their camera at showcased visuals with our VisualMatic® technology software 

         What is

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Turn creatives into interactive marketing

Allow consumers to interact with your brand anywhere your logo or brand assets are present. Anytime someone points their camera at your logo is an opportunity to engage. Send more infor & special offers / promotion for exciting customer experience.

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Bring to life your ads, promos & brand assets with Digital Marketing

Showcase the creatives that you would like to make VisualMatic® and allow your audience to engage with your creatives simply with our technology.  Send more infor, make deeplinks to buy products, drive revenue - and more - from your creative straight to mobile devices.

Quickly upload objects you want to make VisualMatic®

Upload videos or images to your showcase and make interactive with our machine learning (AI) technology. You'll have objects recognized

 and be engaging consumers within minutes. 

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Want to learn more about VisualMatic?

Reach out and we'll show you

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