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Audiences: Segmenting your Users for Maximized Marketing Campaigns

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Marketing campaigns use segmentation to deliver more precise campaigns to the consumers who directly are impacted by the product or service they offer. The ability to narrow down the ideal customer profile (ICP) builds a more powerful direction to send advertising messages, and more opportunity for successful campaigns.

What is segmentation?

Brands have a wide range of people they can market to but narrowing down the choices to sell to a specific type of consumer is what makes a conversion rate rise. Segmentation plays a huge role in that break down, by dividing consumers into profiles based on demographics, buying history, and geopatterns.

Determining these specifications in a consumer builds a stronger model for where you want to go in your marketing campaign.


Visualmatic™ is a system that produces engagement between brands and consumers using geofencing, rich-media push notifications, and ROI measurement.

The way it works – A brand creates a geofence around the location they choose such as store locations, billboards, signs, and more. The brand uses Visualmatic™ to create a message for their app users that will be sent when the user enters the geofence location. This gives the brand the opportunity to measure how many users make the conversion from the impression to the point of sale (POS) for a full-scale ROI.

Measurement and Audiences Feature of Visualmatic™

The Visualmatic™ offers a feature that sets it apart in success – Audiences. Audiences gives brands the ability to segment their app users to send messages directly to the consumers that will utilize them most.

The way it works – Create a new audience by choosing the attributes that you want to target. Have a woman’s shoe that you want to market? Create a campaign for women between the ages of 18 and 50 who shop near the shoe store location that have purchased new athletic gear in the last 30 days. A monogram business that has a surplus of Diana embroidered diaper bags. Create an audience with the attributes of a woman named Diana who is married with children.

The Audience features allows you to define your targeted user for the specific campaigns that you send out. As your app users contribute more data to your app, as Visualmatic™ gains data through buying and location history, and as your engagement with your users increases – your audience power will grow!

Building off of Audiences

After using the Audience feature to create tailored campaigns for app users, a brand can build the knowledge they have of their product itself. Get measurable data on what campaigns work, what type of user engages, and what it takes to retain your consumer’s loyalty. This level of ROI is full-circle and evolves itself to be the marketing tool that every brand needs.

Stay tuned for our Segmentation podcast coming soon!


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