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Welcome Chris Quirin

Chris Quirin is a highly accomplished and proven senior advertising, media sales and management executive who is recognized as an internal & external leader across multiple businesses.

Founder: Easy Graphics Buffalo NY pre-press design company credited with creating unique and award-winning marketing campaigns for retail partners focused on the college market. Operated for 35 years as investor and partner.

VP for OOH company, Culver Amherst, Chris increased revenue from 9 million to 15 million EBITDA in 2 years. As Team Leader at NBC UNIVERSAL. developed 5 DOOH companies with a combined value of 30 million dollars.

He created the strategy for In Door Direct, a 900 screen rollout of a digital media network. Raised 6 million in the capital for World Health Networks deploying 18,000 blood pressure systems with an advertising platform located in Walmart and other big box and national pharmacy chains. Moved the company from analog to digital. Chris is also responsible for generating 4 million dollars with clients Bayer, P&G, Halls and various regional brands.

Known for strategic partnership evaluation and delivering revenue that exceeds goals, Chris is going to be a huge player for BoardActive moving forward.

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