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Visualmatic™: The Evolution of a Programmatic Era

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

The advertising industry is always progressing with the latest and greatest forms of delivery between brands and consumers. Using programmatic systems of buying, OOH marketing is evolving its reach and ability. There are many advantages to the programmatic system, but limitations exist, as well. Imagine if digital displays changed base on the demographics of the audience in the area... Visualmatic™ is an important player in the future of programmatic buying.

What is programmatic advertising?

Programmatic advertising offers the ability to buy and optimize your digital campaigns directly from the source, rather than purchasing from publishers. The goal is to increase effectiveness and transparency with both publishers and advertisers without limiting negotiations due to human error. People get sick, have hangovers, and forget things – but programmatic advertising replaces human interaction with AI optimization and machine learning. In layman terms – Utilizing digital ads through a machine or automation of any kind is considered programmatic advertising.

What does programmatic advertising mean for OOH?

Programmatic advertising delivers direct marketing for brands without the inefficiencies of purchasing traditional static advertising. If you decide to showcase your business on a billboard, the traditional route would take a plan of action such as:

  • Contact billboard company

  • Submit plans and designs

  • Fabrication of physical sign

  • Approval of the final product

  • Installation of billboard

This way takes time and manpower to produce one campaign and can be quite cumbersome for a brand that changes up its promotions often. However, programmatic delivers the same design on a digital billboard with a much different schedule of events:

  • Contact billboard company

  • Submit plans and designs

  • Digital delivery of promotion on a digital billboard

The programmatic method is a successful marketing system with fewer steps, less hassle, and more freedom for changes in the future. This is also the most cost-effective method for businesses in the OOH home space.

What are the limitations of programmatic advertising?

One of the largest limitations with programmatic advertising is the low engagement rate with creatives in digital signage. Digital ads are much less expensive than static ones, and you usually get what you pay for in these situations with very low CTR’s (click-through rate). The ads are constantly changing, and less impactful than a constant static ad. Programmatic advertising is also targeted for high-volume “awareness” campaigns. These are shown to less effective in reaching ideal consumers for the ad’s brand. This plays into the common practice of digital ads being shown in the wrong place. Since many publishers re-broker their tags to other publishers, your ad could end up being shown on space in an area/on an app/or on a site different from that agreed upon. In some cases, this can be a huge deterrent to your consumers if your promotion shows up in an area that conflicts with your brand identity.

How does Visualmatic™ Cash in on the Programmatic System of Buying?

Visualmatic™ is the best of both worlds. It delivers your digital ad capabilities, pricing, and efficiency while creating higher engagement rates, and a more reliable platform for promotions. Apps can create places to geofence, construct rich-media messages for users, and send the messages out when their users enter their specified geofences for location-based relevant communication.

Engagement is the number one goal of any marketing tool. What is the point of investing in a visually dynamic campaign if no one sees it, understands it, or remembers it? With the ability to deliver rich-media to consumers, brands see higher app retention and create an open line of communication to the public. These engagement rates are not just assumed either. With a measurement and monitoring feature, Visualmatic™ shows when the ad is delivered, read, and acted upon for a complete ROI from impression to POS (point of sale).

Reliability is integral to build the foundation of a relationship between the brand and the consumer. If a business cannot trust to see their promotion in the right place at the right time, how can they trust to receive the best visual presence with their targeted audience? Visualmatic™ understands this and delivers a dynamic solution. Businesses can establish geo-fenced locations to deliver their promotions in the places THEY chose, and the times THEY want. Want to deliver a message about BOGO products to your app users when they are passing your store location? Done. Do you want to send directions to your brick and mortar location when app users pass your billboard? No problem.

Not only does Visualmatic™ answer the issues found in basic programmatic advertising, but it also exceeds the limitations with a complete marketing measuring ability. Visualmatic™ monitors when your user receives your message in the geofenced location, if they head to your store location after receiving the impression, and even if they utilize the promotion at POS. Over time, your brand will have an increase in information on your app user’s habits to create a one of a kind consumer profile system. Build complete marketing campaigns to target specific sets of attributes – essentially fine-tuning the advertising targeting capabilities like never before. There is no other software out there that delivers such a precise ROI while building a foundation for future marketing campaigns.

This isn’t the time to stale advertising efforts with stagnant programmatic campaigns. Produce long-lasting results that can be measured with a Visualmatic™ future.


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