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BoardActive Network: Take a Step on the Innovative Side

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Business runs on a mix of hard work, who you know, solving problems, and what you do with what you have. Networking is a key component in the progression of a company. The BoardActive network supplies businesses with tools that are instrumental in hitting all of the points businesses need to grow.


BoardActive belongs to several groups such as OAAA(Outdoors Advertising Association of America), ANA (Association of National Advertisers), and DSF (Digital Signage Federation). These groups give us access to more resources and information before it ever reaches public knowledge. From expos and conferences to one on one meetings, BoardActive gets the innovating ideas businesses need right from the source. In turn that information is accessible to our network to keep everyone a step ahead in their industries.

Fresh Ideas

Many companies are stuck. This lack of innovation decreases headway in their marketing ideas and in their growth. Being a part of the BoardActive network aligns businesses with the freshest ideas, the newest technology information, and the latest successes of what is working in the marketing industry. We share this information with our network to ensure that everyone is streamlining their growth in the right direction. Unlike a lot of companies, we listen to all ideas that come our way so that we don’t discount the next “big thing” in the marketing world. Stay a step ahead!

Partners not Customers

Our BoardActive network is all about equal thoughts and equal standards. We work WITH our partners to create lasting solutions to many problems businesses face in today’s mobile driven world:

  • Lack of Draw to Static Messaging

  • App Retention Declines

  • Loss of Consumer Loyalty

  • Unsecured Data Sharing

BoardActive has created a one-step solution for maintaining successful marketing campaigns. Bringing visuals to consumers, delivering interactive methods of communication between apps and users, segmentation message delivery options and even full measurement ability from impression to ROI. Businesses want to have less third-party investments for constructive marketing growth. When our partners ask, we listen.

Being a part of the BoardActive network is about getting the most out of your existing app, and having a strong foundation backing your marketing efforts. Don’t settle for something that may work, but isn’t measurable. Companies that promise results, but leave you out of the process. BoardActive’s network gives the tools you need to succeed. Reach out to learn more!


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